Took Spit Test- Now What?????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by texasmaia, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. texasmaia

    texasmaia New Member

    I have never considered yeast a problem. DENIAL I guess.

    Don't know why but when I was reading the board yesterday, I realized that all my eating habits fit the criteria for the candida problems. Not that I know much about them!!!

    So, I took the spit test this morning. Went in after about 10 minutes and it was completely sunk like a cotton ball on the bottom of the glass.

    Now what????? Somebody please help. I've been trying to research this on the net this morning but not finding what I want just a lot of sponsored sites.

    Where can a list of good foods be found? Do you follow a low glysemic index type diet?? Help.....

  2. lauralea443

    lauralea443 New Member

    I don't know about this someone will I'm sure

  3. rt6176

    rt6176 New Member

    Hi Maia,

    Mine turns milky white and sinks in about 90 seconds.

    I made six of my coworker take the test. None of theirs sank.

    My diet - No milled flour products, no yeast, no sugar of any type, no fruit or fruit juice.

    I eat protein, raw and cooked vegtables, whole rice, yogurt, cheese, popcorn, ect.

    Its up to you how far you want to go.

    Good luck,


  4. Bunchy

    Bunchy Member

    is this? Can you do it yourself? What does it involve? Just curious...

    Love Bunchy x
  5. pumpkinpatch

    pumpkinpatch New Member

    I'm going to try that spit test tomorrow morning just for fun. How accurate do you think that test is?

    I do have a positive yeast (candida) blood test.


  6. iriegirl

    iriegirl New Member

    Never heard of this before....Is the point to spit in a glass of water - Should it be warm or cold??? - and see how quickly it goes to the bottom? What kind of blood test shows yeast? Hanginthere, can you use non-stinky garlic? Thanks for all the info, gals!!! - Deby
  7. texasmaia

    texasmaia New Member

    I got the Garlic and Acidophilus and will start them tonight.

    Appreciate the help.

  8. pumpkinpatch

    pumpkinpatch New Member

    To do the spit test this morning.

    My stomach is less sore, I've been on the garlic for 1 month now, 2 times per day 500 mg.