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    Hey girls

    I am considering consulting Dr Farr in order to get a CDSA.

    I assume he will order the test after a free consultation?

    How much does the test cost? & can you seek reimbursement? Is he an MD or something else?

  2. MamaDove

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    I consulted Dr. Farr and expected to get the CDSA ordered right after...After our initial consult, he then wanted me to fill out some questionnaires to see if I would need the CDSA (which I knew I needed and wanted)
    After the free consult he requested a credit card (which I did not have with me) and told me to contact his girl to order the questionnaires and make another appointment with him...
    My MIL passed on that evening and other things needed my attention...Meantime I had made an appointment with a new PCP for that week and when I saw him he decided that he would order it so my Insurance would cover it...I did extras on the test and I was given a "bill' from Genova for $730.00...That's really a receipt to say they have billed my insurance...I also had the Sage delayed food allergy testing done and that's over $2,000 (fully covered by my Insurance)
    Both of these tests I was willing to pay for out-of-pocket, just couldn't find anyone to order them...
    I am sure Barrow will tell you the same scenario with Dr. Farr...As far as I can tell it would have cost me the fee for the questionnaires which I believe was $125, then another consult, don't know the cost, then the fee for the CDSA.
    I guess I was fortunate in that things happened in between and I was able to take advantage of my doctors services...He was willing to help me all he could and those tests were quite educational to him, and me...
    I am still considering Dr.Farr in the future, when I can put all these testsd together and have him be my 'diagnostician'...He was very nice and quite knowledgeable...I will post when I get to that part...

    Good Luck, I know it can be a struggle just to have these tests done but I promise you will find out what you need to help you make much improvements...I have...

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    When I received SSDI I was automatically put on Medicare...I have been with Blue Cross, Aetna, Vytra and others but this by far has been the best for me...I do as *I* please, no referrals, and was so surprised at what they cover in way of 'alternative' treatments...They are catching on with what really helps people to 'heal'...

    I will likely never be able to go back to work esp. since my ordeal last year and I hate being labeled as disabled but I am thankful for the mere pittance I get along with Medicare.
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    Sorry I just saw your message today. Been so busy trying to get together a schedule for the tests Dr. Farr ordered.

    Here is how it worked with me. After the free half hour consult he decided what sets of medical history questions you needed to answer to give him the info he needed for the first paid consult. Since my situation (I imagine true of all of us!) is complicated, he sent me a massive number of questions to answer--something like 1100! That took a long time, plus he needed any relevant medical records. I scanned and sent 40 pages! That also took time.

    But he and his office are really efficient and keep in close touch, always answer questions the next day, my lab tests were ordered the day after my paid consult, etc.

    Here is a good part on the tests. He belongs to a co-op of medical practitioners that buys lab tests in bulk from the big labs like Genova and just about all the others. So he gets them at a discount which is passed on to you. Then you can also send the invoices to your insurance with all the right codes. (that invoice came while I was writing this)

    So yes, he did order the CDSA plus with parisitology. It cost $393 through him and his co-op. I hope my insurance will pay a portion.

    His charge for putting together and going through all the questionaires, the lab reports, an article I sent by Rich for background on what I am doing, and a detailed synopsis of my own ideas of what was going on, was $263. Then the paid consult following (where we made a plan and decided on tests) was $198 for something over an hour.

    He also ordered all the other tests I wanted (not just because I wanted them, but because he agreed) and those were the Genova Comprehensive Detox and their Toxic Element Clearance Profile, An HPA axis function test from a lab called Sanesco, ("Sanesco™ is a research-driven medical company...Our goals are: To teach practitioners and the public about the human body’s Communication System, To provide targeted nutritional therapy to restore balance to patients who suffer from chronic conditions and diseases, To conduct research to further our understanding of the body’s Communication System, To develop advanced therapeutic tools to achieve greater clinical outcomes.")

    He also ordered a Magnesium, RBC, Epstein Barr Profile, and something called Opti-Plus which is a complete metabolic profile. All this should gives us a good idea of where the problems are.

    Yes, it will all cost, but I think his charges are very reasonable and there is none of the infuriating waiting weeks to get a question answered. And, he seems to understand a pretty comprehensive medical spectrum. Usually one has to pay to "educate" your doctor for a few visits, but he seemed up on everything and had read everything I sent.

    Now the testing marathon starts. That's my story so far. As I'm doing the Simplified Protocol, this should be a big help in complementing it by discovering other things that need attention.

    Best, Susan
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    I noticed that you and your physician are opting to have the Sanesco testing done. I just wanted to follow up and see how you are doing. I have complete the test last month and have been using their products for a month now and I feel fantastic. It was a rough and bumpy road, but now I feel like there is hope. For a year I was symptomatic and my symptoms started getting progressively worse over time. I stated having migraines, chronic fatigue, memory loss, muscle weakness, brain fog, numbness in my fingers, depression, anxiety, dizzy spells and gained 40 lbs in a year....just to name a few. The fatigue was so bad, it was hard to get through the day. Taking a shower and putting clothes on would wear me out. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, and possible PCOS. My neurotransmitters were out of wack, what a difference these products make. I agree they are costly but well worth the money. Think about what the average person spends on prescription drugs, the bad side effects associated with them and only to gain new problems. With Sanesco, it addresses the problem, getting to the root of the cause and doesn't just cover up and treat the symptoms.

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