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    No one knows where my granddaughter is, my husband is still in ICU and we don't know if he is going to make it or not, or even how he will be if he makes it, I have no money, I should hear from SSI any day, and I am sure that I will get turned down, this is my first try this case. Both cars are falling apart, gas prices are going up, the lawnmower is broke. I could really go on, but whats the point. This pain is too much, the stress is too much. I know most of you are in the same boat as me, and I don't want to sound so negative, but I am at the end of my rope. I have prayed and prayed and things are getting worse, not better. Please any advise from anyone. I just don't know what to do. Julie
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    I'm not on here much anymore because I've been going through a lot of stress myself and just don't have the energy to do a lot of typing. I try to read some of the posts though.

    Anyways, my hubby just informed me a few weeks ago that he had a girlfriend, this is after 18 years of marriage and 2 kids. I didn't want to live. I am 52 yo and have no idea what my future will be, financially or otherwise.

    Now, we're finding out my mother has some major medical issues that could be life threatening. I feel as though I can't carry any more of a load.

    Then I remember my old saying that everything happens for a reason...God's reason. What it is, I don't know, but I do know that when it gets to be too much, God will reveal to me why he's done what he's doing.

    Right now, I'm so afraid of losing my mother, and not having my best friend (my husband) to be there to support me and to give me the shoulder to cry on that I feel I need.

    I lie in bed each night and cry myself to sleep. Though I believe in God and his's still hard and it still hurts.

    I hope your hubby gets better soon so you won't have to go through this and can resume your lives together. I know it's got to be hard.

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    Too much for anyone, Julie! Just sending you my thoughts and prayers for some good news in many areas.

    How old is your granddaughter? How long has she been gone? What a nightmare.

    In my thoughts and prayers,
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    Wow! I heard others stories and feel like others do understand. I hate to hear about others pain, but it does help me to know that there are those that are with me. I am praying for those that need it. Sometimes we have to try to give to others even when we need so much, and this really brings me back to reality.
    My granddaughter is 4, and her mom is still in the state here, but we just dont know where. One of the first things I intend to do with any back money is hire an attorney and help my son get her here with us. I dont want to take her totally away from her mom, but she needs to be stable right now. While my life is on hold until my husband either recovers or dies, it is hard, but my other son and his wife could give her a home and stability. I know this is in Gods hands, but my human side of me is feeling overwhelmed to say the least.
    As far as my husband, I dont want him to live if he is going to end up in a bed the rest of his life, but I cant stand the thought of loosing him. This is in Gods hands also, but my human side of me is impatient. Please keep praying for my family. God bless you all, Julie
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    I am so sorry to hear all your terrible problems. I have no human answers for you, but will be praying that your prayers are answered soon. Like Hangin said, we need to go to God first, not as a last resort, but we do need human companionship and understanding about all our problems while we wait on God to work them out for us.

    My granddaughter was missing for 2 weeks a few years ago. We, at this board prayed for her, and sure enough we found her, unharmed, and a little wiser. I will be praying for yours too.

    RMC? I am deeply sorry to hear about your marriage, and your Mom. Will be praying for you all as well. Your husband needs to come home where he belongs. Sometimes men get caught up in an affair in their fifties, and it does not take them long to realize they made a terrible mistake leaving their good God given wife, family and home. You hang in there, lets pray he wakes up and realizes his awful mistake.

    Shame on whoever that new woman is. She is breaking up a longtime marriage and friendship with you and your husband.

    Take care, both of you...........

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I'm so saddened by your burden and understand how miserable it is to be so tired and in pain and then have to deal with life's other problems. There are warm hugs coming your way along with the prayers.

  7. CFIDSNicole

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    I just don't know that I can say anything better than what's been said, but I wanted both Julie and RMC to know that I have you both in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Meekah

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    I'm so sorry you're having such a hard time.

    You did the right thing by letting it out to us. Sometimes we just need to vent and let out the frustration.

    The good thing is that we can do that here and there is always someone out there to pull us through the tough times.

    Hang in there, Sweetie, and know that you are not alone. We are here for you.

    Hugs and Prayers
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    don't really know what to say except i'm so sorry you are going thru all of this. will continue to preay for you!
  10. naturebaby

    naturebaby New Member heart goes out to you. Lean on us - we're here to listen and support you. Sending healing thoughts to you, Peter and all your family. nature
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    Today I got a notice on the door that they were cutting off my internet and phone. Both of my sons moved in to help out with the bills, and they are not helping. My oldest son said a week ago that he would take care of it. He spent $100.00 on a concert ticket for tomorrow. Then today when the note was left on the door he said, " I will get it turned back on Monday." The note said they were going to cut it off by 5:00 today. It never even dawned on him that without a phone the hospital might call if something happens to my husband and they could not get through. This was 4:10 this afternoon. I had to rush to my other sons work and get money from him to pay the due amount to keep the phone on. I should not of had to do that. The oldest just left to go to Dallas for the concert. When his wife told him that my counsler told me to kick them all out, he came in the room and said they were leaving and they would pay the bills on Monday. He had a rude tone to that remark. he didn't even act like he cared that my eyes were swollen from crying. I am hurting so bad and at the end of my rope. I want to kick them all out, if I do then they will cut the electric off next week. I just feel like they dont even care about me.
    My husband isn't getting any better. They keep saying he has to be awake before they can take him off of the resporater, but they keep dopeing him up.
    I mailed my dad a letter last week and told him about my husband being in ICU since the 14th, and he hasn't even called. I am so tired of my own family not caring about me. This is too much, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.
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    i'm so sorry to hear of your heartaches.i'm glad you let us know how hubby was doing.concentrate on hubby and pray for both hubby & granddaughter but give the worry over to her dad.only take on what you know you can handle. i know....easier said than done.

    i use to worry over grandkids w/addicted mom while my son was at work. it made me physically ill and worried i'd get a phone call saying they were dead.

    i had to find a place for the worry and learn to let go. i couldn't stop anything from happening. only the Lord has the power.

    as far as phone/electric or other bills...could you call to make payment arrangements or call the board of utilities.they'll know of different agencies that may be able to help you or intervene w/utility co.'s on your behalf. also, your county should have some programs to assisst you.

    how about one of your son's fixing the mower or finding a local person who might work on mowers on the side?

    hoping for the best for you and hubby. you will remain in my prayers and thoughts. HUGS,j

    rmc20021...prayers and thoughts to you and mom. we are here for you. HUGS,j