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    Hi! I know we live very close in the High Desert.....Did I happen to see one of you in a Pain Management Clinic recently? There was a woman I was speaking to about her grandchildren, she had a very darling little grandchild with her, and her daughter was there, too. Just thinking if it could have been one of you.

    She was getting her pain pump, I think that is what it was put in or something. I had a prosedure of killing the nerve in my lumbar spine, not pleasant!
    Sorry if this is OT, but I thought you most likely see this here.......sorry don't be angry at me....Have any of you had the nerves destroyed????
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    It wasn't me............but now that you brough it up......Iam looking for a pain management DR,.....

    care to enlighten me on the Dr you see at the pain management clinic you go to ......

    Also if you are interested in meeting for lunch just let me know,.....I'd love to start a little get together maybe meeting once a week, every other week, or even once a month just let me know if your interested ok :)

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    Hi! Well as you probably know we do not have many Pain Doctors to choose from in this area, unless we go down the hill.
    There are two that I know of and I have been to both. I don't know how much info we are aloud to use on this message board, but I can tell you one is in Apple Valley and runs a very large Pain Managment/Cancer Treatment Center. He was the first one I went to for a consult, he spent time with me was very pleasant. I went to him because of the Degenerative Disc Disease, not Fm. I did not get treatment with him. I decided to just stick to my PCP for treatment, that didn't last long.

    The DDD and the FM became worse so refered to Pain Managment again, This time he was not taking any new patients.

    So I was refered to another that is off of Bear Valley near Ross's in the new Elite Imaging Building.(Brand new, next to the physical therapy) I like him very much. He is a little trigger happy with injections though, but has Rx meds too, for the FM. I am allergic to most of the narcotics, so he has not Rx any of those.

    He is an anethesologist also, he works out of St. Mary, or at least he used to. He is very easy going, gentle and knows his stuff. He makes me feel very comfortable and has a great staff.

    I go this Wednesday for the destroying of the left side lumbar region. I can't even tell if it has worked on the other side, I am still in pain....he says it may take up to three weeks to work. But, he thinks this will help me.

    I would like to get together one day and meet. I travel to the Bear Valley Mall at least once a week, and window shop and get a little walking done. Can you do something like that? I don't walk a lot though, just dodge all the teenagers! Ha! Ha!
    Take Care,

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    Just bumping.....

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