Top 10 Myths About Lyme Disease

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    Ray Stricker - York 2004 LDA Conference


    American television has a top ten list, a top ten list of just about everything

    This is my top 10 list of the top ten myths about Lyme Disease:

    (and just substitute whatever country you are from for California)

    10. There is no Lyme Disease in California

    9. Only deer ticks carry Borrelia the cause of Lyme Disease

    8. All patients with Lyme Disease have a skin rash

    7. Arthritis is the only symptom of Lyme Disease

    6. A negative ELISA test rules out LD

    5. Men and women react the same on Lyme Western Blots

    4. All laboratories do a good job with Lyme Disease testing

    3. Two weeks of antibiotic therapy cures all Lyme Disease

    2. The neurological treatment of Lyme Disease are easy to treat

    1. There is no such thing as Chronic Lyme Disease (the number 1 myth)

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    show up in an antibody nueclear blood test? Or is there a special test? I worked for 5 years shearing sheep in the USA and with millions of ticks all over my body. Now i that was 10 yrs ago and then i was diagnosed with fibro and now more test show positive for antinueclear blood test, and still have to wait to see what is wrong??
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    I'm not familiar with the test you are talking about. Most testing for lyme is unreliable. The tests that are most reliable are Igenex Western Blot, and Bowen.

    Currently there is no definitive test for Lyme disease. A negative lab test does not excude lyme.

    Lyme disease is a clinical diagnosis based on history, symptoms, and labs play a part. It is best to go to a LLMD (lyme literate medical doctor) since most doctors are not knowledgeable enough about diagnosing and treating lyme.

    With a history of millions of ticks all over your body and a DX of FM I would run, don't walk, to a LLMD. You can find one by going to Click on Flash Discussion, click on Doctors.

    Lymenet also has a lot of great info.

    Good luck!!

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