Top Social Security Administration Excuses

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    I don't know who to credit for this, but someone sent it to me and I thought I would share it since so many of us seem to have problems with the SSA. It's funny, but it's not!

    TOP Social Security Administration EXCUSES

    1) We know about that problem and are working on it.
    (Use this excuse especially if a mandatory rule is currently being violated and there is no realistic expectation that the problem will ever be solved.)

    2) The private sector has problems too.
    (Use this excuse when the agency tries to limit the private sector from serving the public and when inefficiencies particular to government are at issue.)

    3) The federal courts interfere in agency functioning.
    (Use this excuse particularly when a federal court finds that the agency is not following its own mandatory rule.)

    4) No one but especially the ignorant critic is perfect.

    5) Agency programs are too complex.

    6) The agency cannot be expected to do things right.

    7) If Congress wants the agency to get things right, it should eliminate or truncate agency programs.

    8) Agency policy does not mean what it says.
    (Use particularly when the policy means exactly what it says.)

    9) Anyone dumb enough to rely on the assumed competence of the agency deserves to be harmed by the agency's incompetence.

    10) The critic uses strong language; the critic is insensitive to the feelings of agency employees, especially agency officials and adjudicators.

    11) The unfortunate critic is mentally defective or similarly taxed.

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