Topamax and Cymbalta

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 6cats, May 2, 2006.

  1. 6cats

    6cats New Member

    Well I feel like a walking pharmacy! I was in the ER last week for an acute migraine attack and vomiting...they wanted to do a spinal but I neck pain has been here awhile.

    Anywho my Dr again is pushing Topamax 50 mg at night...the thought of hair loss scares me cause okay the one thing I can be vain about is my hair lol! I really need some kind of pain management if I dont take enough meds...gah!!!!

    Currently I am on: Cymbalta, Maxalt (for migraines), xanax, nexium, lipitor, butalbital and elavil....who much is too much...although the weight loss would be an added plus.
  2. voiceteacher

    voiceteacher New Member

    I take topamax for epilepsy, at 200mg a day, so much higher on the side effects than you. I NEVER get headaches, ever. I do have a little bit of hair loss, but so little that it really isn't noticeable, it isn't handfulls and I will never be patchy or going bald. If you lose 10 strands in the morning, I probably lose 20. Unfortunately I didn't lose weight, and neither did 5 out of 7 of the people that I know who are on the drug. It does make some foods taste funny, but no weight loss here.

    Good luck!
  3. texasmaia

    texasmaia New Member

    Hey 6cats,

    I have been on the Cymbalta and Topamax for almost a year now. I was different thought, because it was ME that went to my doc and said "let me try this stuff".

    I was having 3+ migraines a week prior to switching to these drugs. In the past year I have had 5 migraines...yes, I still have them on occasion, but it is NOTHING like it used to be.

    The best part......I only take 25mg a day!!! YEP that's it and it has done wonders for me. (Topamax) The Cymbalta he switched me to at the same time and it is a dose of 60mg a day. I take them both at night.

    Only side effect I have is dry mouth, but I can sure handle that.

    The first week I felt really yucky, but he told me to hang in there and everyday got better. My pain level is decreased, (not gone, but down) and the fact that I have not got to live with constant migraine pain is incredible.

    Hair loss, None for me! My hair is healthy as it ever was and looks great.

    I am not a big drug pusher but this one I am an advocate for! If you suffer migraine pain, you are silly not to try it at least.

  4. 6cats

    6cats New Member

    I tried my first dose last night of 25 mg. No side effects...a little tingly in my fingers but thats it :) I am praying this is the miracle drug for me!
  5. 6cats

    6cats New Member

    The Topamax is working great!!! Still on 10 mg will increase to 15 next week! I have not had a headache in 4 days!!!!!!!
  6. starmom

    starmom New Member

    I have taken both of these, though not together. I really dislike the Cymbalta, made me feel very strange and anxious after the 4th week. I don't need any encouragement to have anxiety, LOL!!

    I took Topamax for several years. At first I had weight loss, but then it came back. Topamax was great for stopping migraines, but to keep them stopped I had to take so much I couldn't think. I would not be able to say the word I had in mind. It was very hard for me.

    I never had hair loss. I quit topamax because I got to the maximum dosage and then started having more and more migraines. So we have switched back to a beta blocker.

    I think if these meds work for you, then they work well. If they don't, you really know it!
  7. diannalisa

    diannalisa New Member

    I've been on 200mg Topamax for 8 months now (was on lower dosages for 18 months before that) and my migraines have finally dropped down significantly. Yay! I used to get them 2-3 times a week along with severe nause with accompanying dehydration, dizzyness, the works! Now, I'm down to maybe 1 or 2 a month. When I do get one I take 40mg Relpax. Haven't had any problems with hair loss and actually gained 15 lbs due to the birth conthrol shot which made me suddenly start craving food every miniute 24/7.

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