Topamax- and I slept 7 hours straight!!! YAY

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shazz, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. shazz

    shazz New Member

    This is the first time in a LONG time. I hope it wasn't just a coincidence, if I could get to sleeping again I think I would feel much better.
    I am a little groggy today, and have a "weird" taste in my mouth. My cigs taste funny.
    I didn't notice yet that I am any less hungry, but I am hoping like heck the weight loss side effect of topamax will hit me too.
    Maybe the appetite loss is a thing that occurs after you get a build up in your system. I am only to take 25 mgs at bedtime for two weeks then increase to 50 mgs a day.
    I didn't notice any less pain today either, but it was more tolerable, probably because for the first time in half a year I got more than 4 hours of sleep.
    Will keep you all posted!!
  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm so glad for you. There is nothing as good as a restful night's sleep.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Momskelleygirl

    Momskelleygirl New Member

    i'm glad it helped you sleep

    once you get into the higher dosage, it will help with weight loss. i loss about 60 lbs., then i took a two week vacation, and gaind about 15 back, now i am back on the topamx, and plan on losing some more. weight runs in the family, so at some point, i will be using it to just maintain my weight. also, for those of yiou who suffer from chronic headache, or migraines, topmax is a good drug to help control them, i have had only 3 migraines since being on the topamax, compared to last year and a half when i was getting at least 3 migraines a month because of the fibro.

    don't lose faith, the topmax should help with the weight, but you have to help a litttle too.

  4. shazz

    shazz New Member

    Oh my, two nights of some good solid sleep, I can't believe it. I am going to stay the course with this drug, even though I feel drugged out again today. I am hoping this side effect will go away shortly. I think with some of the others, ie trazadone, klonopin, I gave up too early because I figured if I was this groggy, as if I hadn't slept, why bother putting drugs into my body? I will give this a fair shot and see what happens.
    Kelley what'dya mean I have to work a little too to lose some weight? Damn, I was hoping it would just melt off, as if by magic. Just kidding, I know there is no miracle cure here, actually I have been doing Atkins for 4 days now, and maybe some of my grogginess is carb withdrawal too.
    Hang in there and let us know how you are doing with this. I am so hoping this is the one that will really help.

  5. Susiem

    Susiem New Member

    Does Topamax have another name, such as a generic name? I am new to the board and know nothing about this drug. I have FMS and sleep poorly. I am also told I have sleep apnea. I would love a good sound night's sleep.
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  6. shazz

    shazz New Member

    is topirimate, but there is no generic available at this time as it is still under patent protection. I think I read it was approved in 1996, so it will be a few more years until there is a generic around. Not sure how much it costs since I have insurance and only pay a copay.
    This is the first thing that has made me sleep REALLY good for a long time. There were a couple others which did OK meaning I got like 5 hours straight but they caused big time hangover the next day for me, much worse than this is doing.
    There are so many drugs out there to help, and none of them work the same for all of us, some people swear by ones that did nothing for me. It's all trial and error, and I can definately empathize with your not sleeping, as can lots of people on this board.
    Best of luck.

  7. Tibbiecow

    Tibbiecow New Member

    it should be illegal!
    I took 2 months to get up to 200mg twice a day for migraine prevention. If I had to pay cash for it it would cost $600 to $800 a month!!! I am on patient assistance, thankfully the drug company will give rather generously, even if you have insurance but it won't cover prescriptions.
    I got some great sleep, too. The best part was the dreams, they were so interesting, not a drug euphoria but a sense of getting my self back. I had been on nortryptilene for 2 years, and was clinically depressed, and every time they raised the dosage of nortriptyline I had awful nighmares.

    Stick with it, the groggies WILL go away, but it will take a while. The weird taste will stay, and a sense of not really wanting to eat much will build.
    Good luck!
  8. denton

    denton New Member

    I started taking Topamax at 25 mgs. and slowly worked up to 75mgs. From the 25 mgs to 50 mgs. I saw a difference in my pain. I also had to make my self eat because nothing would taste good. This is a great weight loss drug. At 75 mgs. I started experiencing word find difficulties to the point my job was being affected. I am now on Zonegran 100mgs. and having to deal with extreme sleepiness in the late mornings and afternoon. I will be calling my pain specialist on MOnday to see if I need to continue or what.

    Good luck on the topamax.
  9. mamafrey

    mamafrey New Member

    Hi, hi started the topamax earlier this weekend, it keeps me awake, i took it for the first time this morning intead of at night. I do notice i have more energy on it though which is a good thing. Good Luck, mama