Topamax and Pain Clinic visit

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    I am happy to say that my second visit to the pain clinic went very well. I really like this dr. He listens and I actually feel he trusts what I say.
    We are sticking witht the vicoprofen, the TENS & Muscle Massage Unit and the Topamax. Although I still have pain I am able to keep it at around 5-6 which is better than it used to be. I wish I could get it to less but must admit that something is better than nothing.
    As far as the Topamax goes ... he wants me to continue with the 25mg until next month. As some of you know he had me start with 50mg and I had some weird reactions and he lowered it. But the GREAT news is I LOST NINE POUNDS!!!! I am so happy.I know the Topamax helped but I also am doing the Leslie Sansone Walking tape 2x a week and think that too is helping. Anyway it is coming off I am thrilled. I just hope it continues.

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    forgot to ask ... anyone lose alot of weight with the Topamax?

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    I just started Topamax five days ago..HAve only lost one pound so far..LOL But, am looking forward to more weight loss in the future. About your side effects, how did you feel? I sometimes get light headed when I stand up??? And you?
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    Good to hear your good news.
    I've a couple question about the massage unit. Was this an rx item?
    If so, was it covered by insurance?
    thank you in advance
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    The side effects I had from the Topamax were loss of motor control. Stroke like symptoms (from what I have read). It felt like I could not move or speak if I wanted to. It was short lived but very disturbing. Dr said it is common and not dangerous but I hated the feeling. I look forward to bumping up the dose to see if I can handle it next month.
    It took a month to lose the 9 pounds and I also started the walking 2x a week at the same time. Not much, but when you hurt so bad, that is alot (as you know). Pre-FM I exercised 4-5 days a week and I miss it but am happy to get in the 2 days.
    The TENS & Muscle Massager is RX'd by the pain clinic dr. My insurance did cover it for a 3 month trial and then if I like it they will decide if it is worth buying for me. It costs over $2000. It is a much larger more complicated unit than a TENS. It is called a RS-4i Stimulator. The first 15 minutes I get a Interferential Stimulation. I feel a gentle, tingling feeling on the area where I place the leads (there are 4 - each have a positive and negative stickie, like an EKG monitor) Then I go through a 30 minute muscle stimulation where the unit gives a deeper tingling and massage. You can turn the device up to where you are comfortable. I have a love/hate relationship with the unit. It really helps me or I feel like crap after it. Have not deided yet if I should ask to keep it.

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