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    I am switching over from neurotin to topamax. The neurotin didnt seem to be working. I am coming off of it slowly but the burning in my head and spine are returning. I ask my dr. when i should switch over, he doesnt know alot about it - told me to ask my pharm. I did the pharm. was rude about it and said ask your dr. I am down to 800 mg. twice a day, ? is can i just switch over now? I am feeling awful. i know you guys aren't drs. but has anyone else out there switched? and how did u do it when u did. Another ? has anyone had better results with topamax than neurotin? thanks and take care. mama
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    Call another pharmacist! That is awful that he/she should tell you to ask the doctor. Pharmacist know more about drugs than most all doctors. Usually they are more than willing to help.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    my same thoughts this morning on calling a different pharmacy. thanks for all of your replies. mama