Topamax vs. Neurontin

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    Hi. Looking for input from anyone who has tried both Topamax and Neurontin. I've been on Neurontin for about a month. At first it helped me sleep better at night; not as much waking up from pain. Some days I really feel "zombie-like" from it, and it hasn't lessened my pain much. What else I don't like about it is that I've already gained about 10 lbs on it. Aside from the obvious vanity factors in weight gain there are other considerations that come to my mind. *I have never felt "well" when I've gained weight, get pains under my rib cage; my knees and back hurt; and I just feel plain old crummy when I put on weight. **I don't want to get new clothes. I notice that a lot of them that used to be loose are now getting snug, which is uncomfortable. ***Overall, weight gain is not a good thing for anyone's health.

    I was on Topamax for a short time, but never really gave it a chance. The idea of being on a anti seizure drug sort of freaked me out then. After I did research on them, and reading posts here I decided to follow my doc's suggestion and give it a go. He gave me the Neurontin because I had tried and stopped Topamax.

    I have another appointment in about 10 days. I'd like some input on Neurontin vs Topamax, because I'm thinking of asking my doc to change me over. I'd appreciate any comments.

    Also, do I have to get weaned off the Neurontin before I start the Topamax, or can I just stop the one and start the other?


    Love and blessings
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    I don't know anything about Topamax, but do take Neurontin. It doesn't make me tired at all, just peaceful-like a feeling of well-being. My psychiatrist prescribed this anti-seizure med. for the Fibro, and Rheumatologist says it's fine to take-not a bad med. I questioned the Psychiatrist quite a bit when he said it was anti-seizure, and he explained that it is also an anti-anxiety med. (this is responsible for my feeling of well-being I suppose) and also something that effects the nerves having to do with pain.It doesn't make me pain free, and I do use Lidoderm patches (Lidocaine) for the pain, but emotionally I feel great. This certainly helps me deal with pain! I am also much more patient with kids, and feel less stressed, as if I can handle all the stresses in everyday life with no problem. Hope this helps anyone who is considering Neurontin.
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    Hi Mar,
    I took Neurontin for quite some time and felt completely wiped out. I also experienced weight gain. My weight has always been a struggle for me so I really didn't need any extra help in that area.

    My doctor encouraged me to switch to Topamax as it is actually in clinical trials now for weight loss. I don't spread my dosages out throughout the day but take them at night before bed. I have felt more alert, have had less pain, and no more weight gain. It has worked alot better for me.

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    I went on the topomax because my Dr. said it was a very good drug. He explained it to me in detail. He made sure I understood to take it VERY slowly. I had a few side effects and he was right, I did need to take it slowly. I only increased the dose long after I was accustomed to it. I changed the dose from 25 mg to 50mg after about 2-3 mths and split the dose to 25 at night and 25 in AM (due to wakefulness at night) You have to pay attention to your own body. He was great in helping me be the judge and encouraging me to do only what was comfortable for me. I hve just now gotten to 100mg, but OH, the difference! (after about 6 months) I have also lost about 20 lbs, lovely side affect!
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    I've been wanting to hear from others about their experience on Neurontin, as I just started on it... 100 mg 3 times a day...LOW dose! And I THINK it may help to decrease pain sensation a little... I HOPE.

    I noticed, increasing it to 2 caps, that it made me feel "spacey" and I went to sleep for a while. This effect has passed in a short time.

    As for weight gain, I don't know about that. Have a problem in that area already, so is hard to tell. Will be interesting to follow clinical trials on Topamax.

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    OH thanks so much for telling about the weight gain with Neurontin. I definetly don't need that. I haven't been on it long enough to see if it will have THAT effect. But now I'll pay close attention. I'm VERY glad to hear that Topamax doen't have this side effect, and can actually cause weight LOSS. How wonderful! I will run this by my Psychiatrist and see if he has any additional info. for us. Maybe I could switch to Topamax and have the same good effects as Neurontin, but LOSE weight instead of GAIN? That would be wonderful! I'll find out whatever I can on Aug. 25th at my next appt.

    Thanks SO much. I'm very interested in info. on meds and bloodtests, etc. The scientific/research side of this I guess. It must be my way of coping-if I'm researching and learning more, I feel less powerless, and feel as if I am doing something positive to help my situation.
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    Started out on Neurotin for 4 months, did gain about 5 lbs., i had the best sleep ever on it, as for the pain i still had my spells, it did keep the burning in my head and up my spine under control though. I ended up switching to topamax a month ago, gave it up the other night. I was taking 25mg. at night and was keeping me awake, didn't do anything for the pins and needles i have, did reduce my appetite though. Went back on the neurotin last night. Wish i could have done the topamax, oh i forgot when i started taking the topamax, i have had a chronic sore throat, the dr. yesterday said my throat and ears looked fine, we both feel it was due to a side effect from the topamax. I hope it works for you. Have a good day, mamafrey
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    with neurontin was less than stellar. I couldn't tell that it did a thing for me. At that time, I was climbing the weight scale,because of inactivity because of pain. I was switched to trileptal, which helped a lot, but I had read a lot about topamax and wanted to try it. So far, so good. I'm up to 1/2 a pill twice a day or 100 mgs. per day. I'll know for sure when I'm on the full dosage if it really works on some of the pain.

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    After 6 years of nothing working for pain, my very first day with Neurontin left me in dreamland -- not due to side effects, but because of the relief of pain. I had not believed it was possible.

    This med does NOT reduce my muscle pain. However, I must have some sort of neuropathy that causes back, shoulderblade, and arm pain. That is almost nonexistent with only 300 mgs. daily.

    For the first time, I can actually RIDE IN CARS!!!!! Doing handstands over here!!!! Whatever had me in its grip before made me like the princess and the pea in a car, and the longer I drove, the more my back and arm went literally crazy. Now, they feel just about normal.

    Of course, I am still run over by a truck every morning, my hips and knees ache if I walk too much, and I still get "stuck" when lying on my stomach, and cannot get up due to low back pain that is never there any other time. These things I can live with. I am however, waiting for some very alert sunbather on the beach to approach me and ask "Are you okay? Is there anything I can do to help?" one of these days when I literally cannot get up from my prone position. :eek:)

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    I have been on Neurontin for about four years and the expense is staggering for me, but the amount of pain relief I get is measurable so I have continued with it. My insurance doesn't pay for name brands, and Neurontin isn't yet available in a generic. I pay over $600.00 for a three month supply and I have tried other things, trying to give it up, but havn't been satisfied with the other anit-seizure medications. I have not tried Topamax and I was drawn to these posts.

    I have hade Fibromyalgia for over 25 years now. I wasn't diagnosed for nearly fifteen years after going to doctors all over the country. My pain level is very high and must take whatever I can to achieve relief. I also take 100 mg three times a day of MS Contin folowing several years of Methadone. I also take the standard Fibro meds, ie, Prozac in the daytime and doxepin at night. i have been folowing this new drug, Preglabin, which is spposed to be available early next year. I'm afraid it too will be very expensive, but don't have any choice, but to try it. The clinical trials have been very promising so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Thanks for the info on Topamax. I'll ask my doctor what he thinks. He pretty much goes along with me on things, since I know more about Fibro than he does, but he really cares and has been very helpful.