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    HVACWIFE1 New Member

    Is anyone taking Topamax, and what kind of effect
    does it have on you?
  2. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    I take topomax for migraine prevention. 50 mg at night. I have had no side-effects and I actually think it helps with my FMS pain. It is expensive though. Insurance doesn't cover a lot of the cost. But, it has stopped my migraines altogether so it is worth every penny!

    Take care, Sally
  3. jaded_lady

    jaded_lady New Member

    100 mg at night, for migraines.

    The Dr. said I might look at a notebook and forget the name of the notebook. (I do that anyway).

    A coworker says her friend calls it Dopeamax, cause she acts Dopey.

    I have taken it, I think with no problems.

    I have had issues, but I believe ALL my mental malfunctions and most of my issues are from a Severe Vitamin D Defieciency. I am taking a prescription strength Vitamin D for that.

    My neice has taken Topamax. She said it helped stop the migraines and she thinks it helped her lose weight.

    I have not lost much weight yet, but I would recommend trying the topamax. I prefer it to a migraine!!

    Let us know how you do, give it about a week, the first few days may feel strange.

    Start with low doses and move up.

    Good luck.
  4. glenda2

    glenda2 New Member

    i have taken topamax and it took care of my headaches but it made me VERY irritable. i do not remember what dosage i had but i was mean. i wanted to rip everybodies head off.

    but i didnt have a headache. i finally had to quit taking it to be nice again. but you may not have that side a search on topamax here you will see alot of information. good luck.

  5. nastaranjune

    nastaranjune New Member

    after losing my right eye vision, and lots of appointments later, I was told that it was topomax that caused the eye problem losing my vision. I stoppe it and vision came back. this does not mean everyone has that side effect.
    when I was on it, my migraines were much better.
    good luck.
  6. resignedtofibro

    resignedtofibro New Member

    Hi hvacwife1: I've been taking Topamax for over a year now, and it has really decreased my migraines. Without it, I have continual migraines, so I definitely recommend it. The only problems I had with it was more difficulty concentrating, which I have anyway, and that got a little beter with time. Hope it works for you!
  7. sturg1

    sturg1 New Member

    I took it for the nerve pain after Neurontin stopped working. At first it helped and I slept better. Then we had to up the dosage because it stopped working. I then got intense tingling in my feet (something it was supposed to help with, but made it worse). Like others have mentioned, I started to get really cranky (mildly put). My husband and sisters sat me down to get to the bottom of my personality change. I looked up side effects and sure enough, that was one of them. Went off of it and "nice" self returned. It felt like a constant, intense PMS.

    Others haven't had this problem though. Here's to hoping you get positive results!

    Oh... I did lose weight on it!! Lost those pesky pounds that I gained with Neurontin!!!

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