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  1. LauraC

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    To tibbie and others I have asked about Topamax - an update. I have been on it for two weeks, now. Going up to 50 mg. tonight. dumm da dumm dumm.... so far have lost five pounds. back pain a wee little better. If my memory is affected, I don't remember... (hee, hee) ;-) Sometimes feel sluggish, but, what is new? huh?
  2. Tibbiecow

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    It took me longer to lose the weight but I'm down 15 pounds in two months. I'm going to weigh what I did at my wedding for my 10th anniversary. Sure is a change from the Elavil! (munch, munch, munch) I think part of the weight loss is forgetting to eat!
    I'm glad you are doing well. Joannie's stomach didn't tolerate it.
  3. LauraC

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    You're my kinda gal! forgetting to eat. More true than we would like to admit!