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    A few years ago I was in a leadership program for Alabama.At that time projections for big money crops were seedless blackberries,pond raised catfish, and shetaki mushrooms.

    Easiest of all to grow in my opinon would be the black berries.I didn't do any of these above mentioned crops.

    I did experience seedless blackberry JAM.........OOOOOOOhHH
    it was wonderful, full of flavor,so good.

    anyone have any experience growing any of these?
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    Thanks for the responce.I was told if you had an acre of shade you could make 50,000.00 a year after three years growing.

    I looked for your profile, no info, do you mind telling me where you live? I love sheep and most animals. No birds though or chickens unless they are in a pen.

    I grew up in the hippie years but didn't get involved in the love ect. I was young and married with 1 child. I was always responciple and independant didn't have a whole lot of fun. I've been trying to make up for it in my latter years.

    I'll be the big 60 in May, live in Ala. I have traveled some to other countries, that has been a highlight in my life.

    SO HOW DO THE Hippies respond to you, or should I say how do you respond to them?

    Do you farm? I am a courious one, no need to reply if you don't feel comfortable with it.