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  1. mms

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    Has anyone tried topomax for FMS? What have been your results and/or side effects? Thanks!!
  2. Dara

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    my daughter does. She takes it for seizures and migraine headaches. When she first started I think she was kind of "shaky" for about a week. Then she got adjusted to it and has no side affects. However, one of the side affects that was like music to her ears when the doctor told her,is that it causes weight loss. She has lost over 70 pounds so far.

  3. cowlady

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    I have been on it for over a year. NO side effects that I can tell. I have lost weight on it. It is known to cause weight loss.

    NOTNUTS New Member

    for about 8 months, with no side effects and no weight loss either. I was on neurontin 3200 mg which was helping the pain and muscle aches but it made me so hungry I was gaining weight. My doctor weined me off neurontin and put me on topomax I get the same benefits from topomax that I got from the neurontin. I just don't get as hungry. (I wish I did get the weight loss :) I hope this helps you.
  5. Tibbiecow

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    I don't know whether it was a bad flare or Topamax side effects for the following: itchiness, confusion/fibrofog, painful joints, fatigue, difficulty concentrtaing. Also had abdominal tenderness. All of these have gone away after the first month. Those that are still around are tingling in fingers and toes, especially after they've been cold (I love this one, because the fibro had my circulation cut down and poor circulation to my extremities made them hurt, so the tinglies actually felt good, not like my foot fell asleep or something.)My appetite decreased and I've lost a little weight. Some people say that soda pop tastes weird but it doesn't taste that weird to me, but then I don't drink much of it. The topamax has my energy level way up and my migraine intensity way down, although we're not rid of them yet, and still raising the dosage by 25 mg a week until I reach 200 mg twice a day.
    Oh, and I forgot I got kind of aggressive too but not nearly as bad as when I get put on prednisone. (I'll NEVER do that again!) It can also mess with your period, so if you're female and sexually active, you'de better have a good form of birth control that's not the rhythm method.
    Possibly the worst side effect could be on your wallet, this stuff is REALLY expensive. I hope you have insurance. I started on samples and then got on patient assistance because my insurance doesn't cover prescriptions. The higher dose pills cost about the same as the lower dose pills. They will tell you that you can't split the pills because the medicine is too bitter, but you CAN, just coat it with jelly and swallow real fast or put it in an empty gelatin capsule available from a local health food store. Good luck,
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  6. teremka

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    I have been on Topamax (and Celexa, which is an antidepressant) for three years. I take it as a mood stabilizer. I too have noticed that it helps with weight loss. Other side effects can be difficulty concentrating, insomnia or hyposomnolence, all of which I have, but I also have chronic fatigue syndrome, so it's difficult to tell if it's the medication or the CFS. I know topomax helps with seizures and has definitely regulated my moods.

  7. babyblues68

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    I'm bipolar and was put on Topomax for a mood stabilizer. I didn't want to eat, but also could not sleep. I felt like I was crawling out of my skin. So having FM and being a rapid cycler bipolar I was always in a maina and did NOT sleep. The one thing that both of these DD I have needs regular deep sleep. Which I didn't get with Topomax.

  8. wolflake46

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    I am on Topomax for prevention of migraine headaches not for FM, have been on it for about a year now am up to 250 mil. a day. I have lost weight with it not as much as I would like, the only side effect I have with it is the tingling in the toes.