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  1. mms

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    Anyone with tompomax experience? Did you experience any help from it?
    Thanks! This board is wonderful!
  2. wolflake46

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    I'm on Topomax as a preventative for migraine headaches, I don't think it does anything for FM. I still have the pain from that. It has cut down on the number of migraines I have about 6 a month now which is low for me.

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  3. Tibbiecow

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    I'm also on topamax to prevent migraines and after thirteen failures I finally found something that works. Lots of side effects including WEIGHT LOSS !!!!! Please see earlier post, will be on page 3 or 4, to Laura C on Topamax.
  4. klutzo

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    I thought you might like some encouragement about migraines. What happened to me does not happen to everyone, but there is a good chance, if you fit the profile.
    Many migraines are menstrually-related, and my doc told me the hormonal kind are the worst. If you started having them at puberty and they are getting worse and more numerous as you enter perimenopause (appx. age 35-45), then you may luck out like I did, and completely get rid of them once you go through menopause!
    I started getting one migraine per month , every 32 days, at age 13, right after my first period. At age 37 they started lasting for more than one day, and by age 43, I was having 6 or 7 3-day long migraines per month. I was out of my mind!
    At age 44 I went through menopause early, probably because of this da*n FMS, and suddenly, NO more migraines. It almost makes it worth it getting old.
    Hope this gives you something to look forward to,
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  5. Betsy2

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    My rheaumie wanted me to try Topomax to help my energy level. When I took it, I got energy but it was nervous energy sort of like a caffiene rush. Then, I began getting this prickly feeling all over but mostly my arms. I just couldn't tolerate the stuff. It is unfortunate because I understand that it can help with weight loss and boy do I need to lose some.
  6. Dara

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    my daughter does. She hasn't had any migraines since starting and she has lost almost 80 pounds now.