Torontonians!! Recommendations for physiatrist/chiro

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    who is familiar with CFS??

    I will be asking for a referral to a physiatrist, on the advice of a nurse who works for WCB.

    I need a new chiro - preferably close to Duff & Eg, much preferably who understands CFS, and...can't any of these offices have one of those automatic handicapped door openers???? I have a neck injury and opening the heavy front doors with my arm [such as when I go to physio] aggravates my condition.

    I went to the ME Ontario site and can't find the recommended doctor's listing I've heard about! What's up with that???

    I'll have to go offline in a few minutes so I can phone them up. Hopefully I will get a response today before I see my GP. Either from you guys or from ME ONt. But -- the last time I phoned ME Ontario took me quite a while for a response, and I'm not talking a few hours...But, what can I expect from an Association mostly run by people with CFS :)
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    Well, I can tell you who NOT to go to as a psychiatrist. LOL

    I'm not 100% certain, but I believe one of the new doctors in Dr. Sherkey's office is a psychiatrist. I seem to recall seeing that when I was there. Whether or not she's familiar with CFS/FMS at all, or if that's important to you or not I don't know. You could contact his office though, they'd obviously know more about her. (I think it was a her... but ya know how the brain thing works LOL)

    As for a chiropractor, I have absolutely no experience.

    Shannon L
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    Hi Shannon.

    The slight spelling difference has caught you. Don't worry, you're not the first!

    A phsyiatrist is a doctor who helps with phyical therapy and rehabilitation.

    I am in so much pain!!!

    I'm now on Celebrex, took it an 1.5 hours ago, and flexeril generic -- took about an hour ago. And I'm still IN PAIN!!!

    Won't anyone help me??? [more directed to doctors than to people of this board...]

    Thanks anyways for your response.

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    I am sorry to read that you are suffering so much with pain right now and wish I could help you in any way.
    Have you checked the website of the Ontario Medical Association or Chiro Association and phone around who is familiar with Fibropain and who will be able to treat you.
    ME Association is slow and very underfunded and have not come up with anything yet when I asked them either.
    I was also asking for a doctor's list.
    Hope you are successful in finding somebody who can look after you right now.
    Sincerely, Lucky
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    I checked what I think was an OMA website for physiatrists.

    Acc to that, very few taking new p's on OHIP.

    You mention fibro, but I haven't been diagnosed with fibro, [she types practically in tears with pain in her left shoulder!!]

    i have cfs.

    dr today thinks my pain is muscular, spasms somehow affecting brachial plexus of nerves causing the burning and numbness down my arm and into my hand. therefore he thinks I will be better in a week. So, why do I hurt so much even after taking meds 2 hrs ago??

    Just trying to make it to 9:00pm when I can take 1/2 of a tylenol 3. Hopefully it won't make me sick at such a low dose. will only be my 2nd tyl3 of the day, taking regular tylenol at max dose otherwise. If I don't feel sick, I might up the dose if nec.

    Thought the flexeril look-a-like might make me feel all relaxed and comfy/drowsy. But it's been 1.5 hrs!!!! I'm not all loosy-goosy as my prev massage therapist used to say!!


    Maybe tomorrow I will phone chiros. I'm exhausted from all these appointments and being reliant on others who may or may not help me. Who may or may not like me.

    I have a teeny bit of a medical background, but it doesn't seem to go over well when I want to see my xrays or in other ways have control/be more informed about my health care.

    Maybe tomorrow I will attempt a calmag injection.

    so tired...but can't relax, too much pain.
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    Now I remember that you have CFS and not FMS, and I have not experienced that severe pain yet!! I first was diagnosed with CFS and lateron with FMS as well and I am sure that the Celexa is helpful as well to have the pain under control.
    Believe you me, I know how it feels when one is so desperate and nobody is there to help.
    And you are so right, doctors really do not like it, if you are well informed and they feel threatened. Have been through this as well and have angered some doctors, I am sure. But, I do not care anymore.
    And, there must be more help out there, it is unbelievable, what about human rights?
    Well, more of this later, will say Good Night now, and really hope that you get your pain under control with the Tylenol 3 so you can get some rest for the search for a proper doctor tomorrow.
    Take care, and best wishes, Lucky
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    'preciate your comments.

    I was just looking up cyclobenzaprine online. Found a source that said could take 20- 40 mg per day, in divided doses. My pills are 10 mg, and scrip says take from 1/2 to 1 pill 3 times per day. So, maybe I just need a little more.

    Now what to do? More flexeril generic? or more tylenol 3. I think I'll try the T3 first, as I got the impression from one of the sites about flexeril that results should be seen "within 2 days". I was wanting stuff where I would see the results within 2 hours, or 2 minutes, not 2 DAYS....

    Hope you hav a good night. thanks for your thoughts. Hope you have air conditioning now.

  9. lucky

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    I am sure that one of your meds will rock you to sleep, hopefully and you get some relief.
    I remembered that I kept a fibromyalgia referral resource list, somebody mailed it to me once with all kinds of medical practioners, among others chiropractors who deal with fibro, now I don't know if they will be of help.
    There is a Dr. Andrew Stillo listed at
    3200 Dufferin St. Unit 27B Tor M6A 2T3
    tel. 787-1249 and Fax 787 1240

    there are a few other ones in Toronto

    Scot McBean D.C. & Dr. P. Graham
    438 University Ave. tel. 598-4999

    Anne Massett D.C.
    245 St. Clair Ave. W. tel. 323-1077

    Lynette Nissen, D.C.
    208 Bloor St. W. #603 tel. 920-2468

    may be one of them can help you or might be able to direct you to somebody who can.
    Good luck, Lucky
  10. Jen F

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    Appreciate the info.