Total Body Modification?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by code34me, Mar 29, 2006.

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    Has anyone heard of this? My Chiropractor's wife called me today and asked how I was doing because they had not seen me in a while. The are great people and I thought that was so nice. I told her I was Chiropractor deprived LOL and so did she! I was honest and told her I am haveing such a hard time with My FM and fatigue I just cant seem to get anywhere. I take care of my children and the house and that is all I can do for now. She ask me if I had heard of TBM (Total Body Modification)? I had not so she dicribed it to me a bit and I have an appointment this Friday for a consultation with them. I looked it up on internet and it does sound interesting. So I thought I would share that with you all and mabey you would want to look into it?

    They did not know I had FM/CFS I guess? They ask about my mom alot when I go there because she is haveing alot of problems. I was kinda suprised that I had not told them. But they said that the have had great results treating people with FM and CFS! She said it is a pretty strict diet and will take alot of commitment from me. But I am will to give anything a try.

    Funny thing... I was talking or thinking to god all day today. Felt really down and sad about feeling so rotten all the time. I have kids and a husband and so tired of being such a bummmer! Then I got the call from Chiro and they are very much Christians.....wonder why they called today?????

    Thanks for listen, Codey
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    I too have been on just a horrible bummer. I have found out I have pernicous anemia, and probably other things, going through tests, has a partial gastrctomy 10 yrs ago and have had horrible problems had fibro first, neck problems etc, disabled at 48 cannot realizze have been fighting this disease and other stuff for 10 yrs. It gets me down so much and this last two yrs with additional things it has really been bad. I have been angry at God so having trouble praying though I know thata I have to, so have started again with just the Lords prayer.

    Would be interested in learning of this modality as i believe in homeeopathiic treatment, God knows will try anything can but try to stay informed. Have been in bed and depressed so this is the second time this week in a very long time been on internet, and board, missed it. Now back to bed Fibro telling on me, and my anemia is still not resolved.

    good luck
  3. OldOne

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    Would realy like to know how it goes. I have been looking into who does Body Restoration Technique. No chiro who does it is closer than 2 hours. Same or similar thing?? Hope to hear good news.
  4. code34me

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    Hubby and OldOne my appt. is tomarrow and I will keep you two posted for sure! I am alittle nervous because it consist of a very strick diet and lots of water and Chiro visits 3 times a week! Hmmmmmm will see?

    Take care of you, Codey
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