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    Reading these posts and peoples profiles there are a few out there who states there symptoms of fibro got worse after an Hysterectomy.I had a total hysterectomy last may and my symptoms got so bad that they finally diagnosed me with fibro in sept after 6 yrs of no one listening.I think i had it all along but the op triggered it into full blown fibro.How many of you think that happened to you Regards Sharon
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    email you because i would like to know the site you are talking about, or you can email me at P.MEDLAM@NTLWORLD.COM LUV SHARON
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    I just had a hysterectomy this past November and went immediately into a flare. However, I do not believe a hysterectomy CAUSES fibromyalgia - I think the STRESS of the surgery might have brought it on. Not everyone who has a hysterectomy comes down with FMS. My FMS was caused by mental stress. I believe that people have a predisposition for the illness, and it just needs something to trigger it. Does this make sense?

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    I got much worse after I had my ovaries removed a few years ago. My uterus was removed when I was 21. Surgery, itself, causes me to have mega-flares and that's why I am afraid to risk spinal surgery as well as the obvious reasons to be afraid, that is....I just don't recover well at all from surgery!
    I'd like the Hysterectomy site address also, please!
    Thanks love,
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    I had your email with the address i am going to try and log on.Will let you know how i get on. SHARON
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    My symtoms worsened after a hysterectomy.
    Maybe it is related to the change in hormone level, or something.