Totally down On SSI...not for the sick, I guess

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    Well, after two years of going through this with social security, I have given up. Been turned down so many times, it isn't worth it to me anymore. It is so depressing. I had a lawyer, and just got the appeal decision from Virginia yesterday. I wonder what the Gov would do if I was homeless and living on the street with two kids? But, I have a husband and a home and my lawyer told me this goes against me. I am greatful that I do have these things. But, I can't work and will now be forced to do it. It burns my as* that someone else has the right to tell you you can work when you can't. It's a wonder why people go and shot other people for what we seem is no reason at all. No, I would never do that but am damn mad. And it will take me along time to get over this.
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    If you are talking about ssdi, and I believe you are.
    I dont believe owning a home has anything to do with the decision.If one pays into the ss system and has the
    appropriate work credits, and they are dx disabled, and cant work.They get ssdi payments retroactive for up to 2 yrs I believe.Your lawyer seems to have given you an lame excuse, You owning an home, or married is not the reason for the denial.
    ssdi is not suppose to discriminate because a person has assets, homes,stocks,bonds,savings etc. If I'm wrong, Pls someone clarify tks.....p.s. did your lawyer
    specialize in ssdi law ?
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    I too have been in your shoes. I too own my home, have children, and a Hubby and was turned down all the way to the appeals counsel with the Doctor claiming completely totally disabled. Work comp Doc's claiming 100% disability too. But you know you can't give up. That is exactly what they gov't wants you to do. You can at any time in the processing file another claim. And that is exactly what I did in December. i figure i fight this DD daily I have enough in me to keep fighting the Gov't too. I deserve these benefits. I have worked my tail off since I was 15 years old and they will either approve it sometime or I will keep fighting it and they will be so tired of hearing or seeing my name they will finally approve it. You need to not lose that within you. Us with this DD I believe are fighters. To have to deal with the endless pain and fatigue every single day you have to be so don't give up okay. Infact I do believe that things are going to go better this time with my Disability. i have a good feeling about it, much better then the last time anyways.
    Good luck, take care, and apply again. Don't let them win this, you need to win it okay.
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    You are so right, it does take forever. My husband had heart bypass and complications with lungs. He had a very high stress job in management. Responsible for about 600 people as company First Supervisor. He had to take early retirement about 4yrs ago. We went without any income for 2yrs. trying to get SS benifits. He had doctors who sent papers galore, but we were denied for 2yrs. We were so near desaster financially that we wer thinking of selling our house of 30 yrs owning.

    We also got a lawyer and it still took a long time, but we did fianlly get the SS. It is so discouraging to have to apply and reapply. The red tape is what they count on. Don't let the system get you down,I think it is designed to do that too.

    If I can help in any way, jsut post ot me and I will try to answer If I am able!! By the way I have had FMS for over 20 yrs. ~1maqt~
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    that is exactly what they want us to do. I know that the stress from fighting for our rights can sometimes make us even sicker. What really burns is when you hear of other people who get it who haven't even worked or are new to our country and receive the benefits that are rightfully ours. Maybe you should change lawyers but please don't give up. I've made this a committment that I'm not going to give up on. The more denials I get the more I decide to fight tieir decisions. I have letters from three specialists who all say there is no way whatsoever that I can work. Just do yourself a favor and keep on fighting, think how happy you'll feel when they finally get tired of hearing from you and give you your much deserved benefits.

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    I think you need to get another lawyer! I was one of the lucky ones that received my SSDI on my first try. I have a working husband and also receive a retirement pension. There are so many factors that go into Soc. Sec.'s decision. I think it is extremely hard for a person under the age of 50 to get an award on the first, or even second try. It also depends on your level of education, the type of work you did while actively employed, and the number of years you worked. For example, the more education you have, the more likely they are to tell you that you are capable of doing some other type of work, etc. I am only a high school graduate. I did work 30 years for the same company in an administrative position. So, due to my age (over 50) and my lack of education, there is not much else that I am qualified to do, except work as a sales clerk, etc. However, I was able to prove that I am not physically capable of standing for more than 20 minutes at a time. PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP! Investigate a lot of sites on the web about submitting disability claims--do as much research as you can for your next appeal. Talk with your doctor. My doctor fully supported me and said his notes in my file reflected all of my conditions; however, told me "not to count on it" because he had seen men with only leg apply for SSDI and were turned down, etc. My own sister was turned down the first two time (and is STILL trying)--they told her that her medications would control all of her symptoms; she is 43 with two metal knees, arthritis all over her body, has COPD, etc. The only job she can do is being a telemarketer, and with her limited breath due to the COPD, she misses a lot of work. She is a single mother and living on poverty level. It's the pits, but you have to keep trying. Try to be a descriptive as you can about ALL of your problems and how they affect your daily activities. I worked two months on my application and had many additional pages attached to it. Write to your congressman and state senator explaining your situation and ask them to help you with the SSA. Ask your former bosses and coworkers to write letters for you to submit with your appeal on how you used to perform your job vs. how you were able to work before you had to quit, etc. GOOD LUCK, keep at it and think positive that you will get it some day, and it will then be all worth it!
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    I know too well how much they use to decide your case. I am only 43. I worked at the same job for 6 years but quit in 1996 to stay home with my kids. I sat at a computer all day paying medical claims. Now, if I had to do that today, I would never make it. My medication interferes with all I do. They claim the doctor I am seeing isn't a specialist therefor his saying I cannot work doesn't count. Bullcrap. Anyway, I will keep in mind all you have said. It has just set me back so far, I feel like I am in a hole and can't get out. Thank you again.
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    I didn't mean he told me that I would be turned down because if have a house, income etc...He just stated it was one of the many things they look at when they decide your claim.
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    Will I lose everything I would have gotten if I had won? I mean right now they would owe me 1 1/2 years of back benefits. Do I loose those If I refile?
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    I will read it. Thank you. Hey, every little bit helps.