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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by starmom, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. starmom

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    That is how I feel. I am doing fairly OK with the depression and anxiety, but I just HURT. I can feel where my tendons attach to the bones. Sometimes I think they will tighten enough to break the bones. And then the muscles kink.

    I refuse to exercise when anyone else is home b/c I cry through it all. I have a glider type thingy, it is like walking but indoors and not a treadmill. You dont pick up your feet, so no impact. Even if I only do 5 mins, I cry. It hurts so much.

    Everytime I turn over at night I wake up in pain. Often I use the excuse that my hubby snores to have him sleep on the couch. Then he doesn't wake up to me crying when I turn over. I can't sleep comfortably on the couch and he can. At least then he can sleep through the night.

    The only pain med my doc will give me is darvocet. It doesn't do much. I do take ambien CR for sleep, so I can get back to sleep, get to sleep at all.

    I also have terrible migraines. Sometimes daily, even with preventative meds.

    I am trying to get into a rheumy with a rep for being good with fibro people. My doc doesn't want to do the referral. I am going to write her a letter and then find a new doc if she doesn't help within the week.

    I can't hide the crying from my kids much longer, but it upsets them so much. I don't know what to do.

  2. suzetal

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    Should be fired............Doctors are in there profession to help people............If you have one that wont get rid of him or her.............I like Mable do not understand.........I have 5 doctors a GP..A srhink...a nuroligist.....a orthopedic ..........Sry only 4 fired my rheumy he was no help at all.........My doctors try everything they can to relieve my pain and help me get through these DD.....FM and CFS plus a few others........

    Susie I was not able to sleep on my sides the pain was just so awful ......My neurologist put me on nuontrin and I am now able to sleep on my side.

    Oh I do think most doctors know that FM and CFS are real they just don't like to deal with it cause they feel there is nothing they can do.........So they do nothing.

    My daughter who is 32 yrs old told me one day........Mom its not that we don't believe or think you have it....Its just that we do not know how to help.We feel helpless .If only you knew what could help we all could help.....Im just babbling now sorry......I have a hard time with my thought proses.

  3. deb06

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    I have been there. You need to fire your doctor and interview others until you find someone to treat your pain successfully.

    There are lots of other pain meds out there and you need to get something that works. It took me a long time.

    YOu need another primary doctor and a pain specialist or rheumy. You can't continue like this anymore.

    Don't lilsten to that doctor- you must find another one.

  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I wonder if you have this. It sounds as if you may. There are meds that treat it better than some. You do sound as if you need a pain management doctor, any chance?

    I am sorry you are so low and in such pain and I hope that your day gets better.

    Love Anne C

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