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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by zoemurr, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. zoemurr

    zoemurr New Member

    Yesterday I got my hair colored by the same girl that has done it for years. I like a mousy medium brown. It wasn't covering the grey so she went darker.. it's almost black.
    :( I hate it. Is there anyway to fix it, or should I not even bother calling her? I know it's just hair, and it will fade, but I thought I would ask here first before I called her tomorrow. -Sherry
  2. msmac

    msmac New Member

    shampoo, one that does not color protect. Maybe 2 sudsings, then condition. If that doesn't dull it down for you, you really need to ask for, and should get free, color correction from whomever did it.

    Sometimes just adding a few highlights would blend the gray. I am surprised she went darker, as this seems to contradict what you are trying to accomplish. OR, find another stylist.
  3. granny1353

    granny1353 New Member

    told me I need to go lighter to cover the gray, it works great!! I agree with the others to call her and it should be done for free

  4. That happened to me once, I went to my hairdresser and she used something they use when your hair turns green from clorine, it took it back to the color shade it was before . good luck.
  5. zoemurr

    zoemurr New Member

    I'm pretty sure she would fix it for free.. I was just wondering what could be done. My hair is a medium brown and my roots are white-white.. so going lighter wouldn't really help. It's a HUGE contrast. :( She's done it many times before and it's been fine. Not sure what happened yesterday. She did it once and said it didn't cover so she did it again darker. It definitely covered the white, but I think I look like "Wednesday". (very dark hair and very light face) I washed it 2x and saw no improvement.. my DH said he doesn't even notice a difference (not sure if that's good or bad :) I'll call her tomorrow.
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  6. ellie5320

    ellie5320 New Member

    having been a hairdresser for over 40 yrs definately go back or try dandruff shampoo or dish detergent both will strip the clour a bit why not try some foils as well then the grey that is resistant will blend hopefully. not actually seeing you hair makes it hard for me to sugest anything else.
  7. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    Try Dawn dishwashing detergent that will fade it. But I would call the stylist first and see what if anything can be done.

    I had a similar experience. I went auburn (from brown). It covered the grey but it was a dark auburn and I did not like it.

    I am now a light blonde which covers the grey much better and suits my personality.

  8. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    I had mine colored by the same gal who had done it for years and had it turn blue, then bright pink, then maroon.

    My hair is medium blond and I always just had her cover the grey with a lighter blond. This time my DD wanted me to go a little redder. After about 4 minutes under the dryer Jean said, lets rinse that out. After she rinsed it it was blue! I mean bright blue!!

    She said she could fix it and put another color on and turned it dark pink. She said it would tone down with a couple washings. I went home and washed it with Head & Shoulders and than dishwashing liquid. It turned lighter pink at the roots and bright pink on the ends.

    I called and went back in and she put a brown on it that immediately began to burn! Bad enough to make me cry. When she rinsed it out she declared it "much better" and said the burning was due to scalp irritation from washing it so much!

    It was maroon! I am very pale skinned and this was horrible. I had huge blisters on my scalp. Several as big around as a silver dollar. Not only did she not offer to refund my money, but she never even admitted what she had done!

    I went to Amy and she said I had chemical burns and she wouldn't do anything to it for at least 5 weeks so I was maroon for 5 weeks. The burns healed and Amy did a foil on it and it looked really good. She had to foil a lot of it to get it light enough to look ok.

    Amy did my color for about a year but now I'm just letting it go grey!

    Be careful how many times you have it colored in a short amount of time. Three times in one day is really too many!! I was lucky to have any hair left!!


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