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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by laceymae, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. laceymae

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    Son just called to tell me I'm going to be a grandma.

    His girlfriend of 4 months is pregnant. She has 2 kids that her ex has custody of. I have only seen her 3 times.

    I am almost speechless.

    I have wanted a grandchild, but this isn't how I had it pictured.

    I want to be happy, but with unanswered questions about her other 2 kids I just don't know.

    just needed to get this off my chest.
    hubby doesn't know yet. He has been working 16 hour shifts for the last two weeks and he is mentally and physically exhausted.

    thanks for listening my dear friends
  2. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I do understand how you feel, how old are they and the 2 other kids? It is so hard to sit back and watch them damage their lives by making poor choices, but sometimes we have to and be there when they fall and dust em back off.

    Just have faith that it will work out in the end-Carla
  3. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    And I pray you don't get messed up with a terrible custody battle like I am with my son's baby.

    My son's girlfriend had also lost custody of a child before my Grandchild was born.

    I think it kind of tends to show what type of mother they are. I hope not for your sake.

    Take Care!
    And Congradulations!
  4. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    I am so alone right now...don't know if I want to cry, laugh or do a cartwheel. Well the last one would be impossible.

    ckball...He will be 29 in Dec. and I don't even know how old she is.
    Her kids are 8 and 10.

    He was married for 7 years and they wanted a baby so bad, then he cheated on DIL and divorced.

    I just pray it is his and that if I have to raise it I can find the strength to do it.

    kellyann...I thought about you and your grandbaby and what you are going through.

    keeping you guys in my prayers.

    joannla...I hope you are right...I guess it's just gonna take time to sink in. there are any number of reasons why she doesn't have her kids. I want to ask her, but I'm not sure if I should.
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  5. 69mach1

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    as we both know...he can always request a paternity test after the birth...otherwise he will owe child support etc. if things go wrong.

    wishing you the best.

  6. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Such mixed emotions! Being a grandparent is wonderful, but having responsible parents for that child is so important, too.

    Will pray you meet and like this girlfriend of your son...that it's his baby and if it isn't, he finds out before too late.

    Such an uneasy situation. All those emotions!

    Praying for you and your family. God give you strength and wisdom.

  7. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I guess life doesn't always turn out exactly as we like but this may be the biggest blessing of your life.

    Try to have the best possible relationship with his girlfriend because if you start off bad, it may be impossible to change things later.

    I wish you the best.