Touch Me Lord

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    Touch Me Lord

    Lord, slow my steps today, let me pause a moment from the daily
    rush of this busy world and take time to really see You.

    Steady my gaze that I may see the tenderness in Your eyes.

    Open my ears that I may hear Your gentle voice speaking peace
    to my soul.

    Still my thoughts that I may discern the love that flows from Your
    heart for me, and

    Prepare my heart to receive Your goodness and sweetness.

    Lift up my head that I may feel the gentle showers of Your mercy
    and grace flowing down upon me.

    Bend my knees that I may bow before You in adoration of Your
    holiness and purity.

    Fill my voice with songs of praise for your majesty and glory.

    Quicken my memory that I may attest to Your great faithfulness.

    Clear my vision that I may observe the beauty of Your creation.

    Calm my spirit that I may remain in awe of Your mighty power.

    Empower me with Your Holy Spirit to do Your bidding that I may
    know the joy of serving You.

    Channel Your love through me to others as I go along life's way
    that they may see You and know You.

    Wash me in the cleansing fountain of Your Son's precious blood
    that I might be fit to behold Your divine face

    Jo S. McCracken