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    There was an excellent and informative TV program on Tourette Syndrome in children and both times I saw it part way into the program and both times I received important phone calls that had me missing so much of it.

    When I think of Tourette, I think of the stereotypical image shown on TV shows of people with Tourette cursing. This specific program showed a teenager that would actually spin around quickly and say something that I couldn't detect what he said. In the end, he applied and was accepted to attend a school for children with medical ailments (like Tourette and many other ailments) where they were all made to feel welcome in school, not bullied, and felt a true connection to each other with their ailments.

    The program also showed another teenager that underwent an operation to insert a "generator" into his brain and the teenager on followup visits would talk with the doctor and the doctor would adjust the generator. The generator with the adjustments helped that teenager obtain a more normal life and remove some of the horrendous tics this boy was having. He still had some tics, but nothing as serious as he had.

    Another young boy discussed Tourette and bullying in front of a large group of young children ---bullying is something that probably didn't enter into many of our thoughts. This child's Tourette would have him doing a jump and some difficulty with speech, then speaking well.

    I never caught the channel this was on, although it seemed like a public access channel. It was an excellent program and very informative. I am so glad to see these types of programs on TV (and wish they were shown in all schools) to educate adults, teenagers and children to help remove the stigma and bullying that apparently surrounds ailments like Tourette Syndrome.