Toxic metal: Cadmium the Thyroid...bad news for CFS

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    Thyroid hormone T3 is kinda of a gas pedal for every cell in the body. The thyroid gland makes T4 & T3 based on a signal from the pituitary gland (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone [TSH]) which gets its signal from the Hypothalamus (Thyroptin Releasing Hormone [TRH])

    Complicated? You bet.

    Mary Shomom is a journalist who gets doctors and patients to communicate. She is noted as one of the greatest resources for the Thyroid gland and has several books out on it. She battles thyroid problems herself.

    In particuliar, look at this study on Cadmium:

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    Thank you for sharing. I went to the sight but the studied was too long and overwhelming for me to read right now.

    I was wondering if you could briefly summarize it for us. What are the main sources of cadmium?

    I do want to know more as I am currently under testing with an Endo because of a thryoid lump and multitude of symptoms.

    Thank you,

  3. AllWXRider

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    If you just read the bold print summary by Mary Shomom it will give you the gist of what's happening.

    My summary would say that if you have cadmium toxicity and mine is 4X over the threshold, it might explain a lot of your CFS symptoms.

    Taking Selenium & Zinc seem to help "antagonize" the cadmium exposure. I'm taking extra right now.

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