Toxicity and how it relates to FMS

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    Anyone out there ever thought about how toxins relate to FMS.. I have been doing a lot of research into cosmetics and skincare and was freaked out to find the company I work for has two formulations; one for Europe without the toxic ingredients and another for the US which is not required to remove the ingredients... I need to share this information with all FIBROMITES- your health may depend on it!

    STEVENS8 New Member

    Anyone feel there is a relation?
  3. rileyearl

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    I'm not surprised. I don't know much about toxins in beauty products, but I'm sure that much of our bodies' resouces are spent fending of toxins in the air, water and in food.

    It is pretty horrifying to find such a graphic example of the US gov landing on the side of profits for big business, instead of doing what's best for the health of its citizens.

    There is a new movie out called "The Constant Gardener." I read the novel and it's a wonderful story with the profits of a pharmaceutical giant at the heart of it.

    Can you tell us exactly what the toxic ingredients are that you know about? thanks for posting!

  4. elliespad

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    Many types of toxins to poison our overworked livers and kidneys. But none are worse than those used to make pesticides. My personal rant, please read my bio.
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    I have thought quite a bit about this. There are alot of toxins in our environment and in our daily lives. Did it give me fibromyalgia? I really don't believe so.

    Is it something more our bodies have to defend against versus the population several generations back? Yes.

    Some aspects are part of industrialization and I don't care to roll back the clock.

    Can there be improvements? Yes. Do I believe the big, bad mutlinational corps are thinking up ways to kill us all in the name of a buck? No

    Is more knowledge available to me now vs those past generations to bolster my immune system. Yes, and not only that, we know so much more how to counteract the things that tax our bodies.

    I also don't want to go back to earlier times when the average life expectancy was not near as long as it is now.
    Middle 40's was a good long life and it wasn't just the tigers and lions and bears that took them out. Simple little things like bacteria was a major cause of death.

    Like everything having to do with progress, there will be downsides. Outrageous downsides need to be reined in. I want my Chantecaille make up. The wax and grease paint of old was loaded with lead .. did some serious damage. You want to talk about toxins? Many a death occurred while people where layering on that "make up", trying to cover up the scares that small pox left behind. Some resulted in death. It makes for hair raising reading. I like not dealing with small pox or lead filled grease paint.

    Point being there is good and not so good. You make the best of what you've got, vote to change the things that don't sit well with you and enjoy living life.

    There is all sides to things, and no one side is all correct and no one side is all bad.

    Just my thoughts ....... Take care,


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  6. lilbird

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    I have been doing lots of research on this subject. I am now eating only organic and have started to switch my supplies, my shampoo and my body wash.

    there are so many toxins around us that yes I think they may come into play with FM. Our immune systems are just over loaded so it can't protect us from other things.

    This country needs to start screaming, something needs to be done.


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