TPBM {The person below me} game PART II

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Beadlady, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    Thought now would be a good time to start a new thread

    I'm glad you all are enjoying this game

    TPBM needs to have their leaves raked in their yard
  2. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    leaves need raked, lots of oak trees...........

    TPBM has more animals then me...............? 3 dogs, 9 cats..........ALL FIXED, just had to add that.....
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Don't care much for tea. Rather have a glass of fruit juice. Or perhaps a
    fruity drink like a margarita.

    Now let me see. I think TPBM likes to frolic in the snow.

  4. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    I went to a dress rehershal (sp?) opera but I don't remember the name of it.

    TPBM has been to a ballet
  5. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I've looked at things through a microscope because my mother worked in a lab for a doctor's office. When it got slow (when I was young I had to go to work on Saturday with her), she would put in slides and I could look at all the different kinds of cells.

    My husband got us a telescope two Christmasses was such a revelation to see the moon in startling clarity. And I'll never forget how one night I found a 'star with ears' and focused in to see that it was actually Saturn!

    TPBM looooooooved to roller skate -- they might have even had their own pair of skates with yarn pom poms, which they wore with knee-high tube socks!

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  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    couldn't help it as I had to take HS & college biology classes LOL... didn't think it was all that neat then, but now I'm much more fascinated. Strange how we often change as we get older!

    TPBM has nothing s/he has to do tomorrow except to relax/hibernate/etc OR to do something just for fun, like a hobby....

  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    didn't see your reply Juloo!!! Sorry!

    Nope, I don't pass on any chain letters... at least not as a 'chain letter'.

    I will pass some on if I think they're good, but only after removing things like, "you must pass this on to 6 people in 4 hours to get lucky for so many years" --- or the other enticement that, "once you do pass it on to others, you'll see something great happen on your computer!!!"


    TPBM has either attended a laughter meditation (or group) - one of those where people meet, someone starts laughing (at nothing), then one by one everyone is laughing -- gets one's endorphins etc 'up'. I've always wanted to go...

    OR-- a drumming group (something else I've always wanted to do) where everyone has hand drums and drum like crazy in lrhythms....
  8. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    Never been to one, but as I read the above, I just giggled. It sounds like a GREAT idea. I've heard that laughter is contagious, and the best medicine. alergic (sp?) to animals???????
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    My mother was a whiz at crossword puzzles. But I never did them;
    thought they were sorta silly. But then in my old age I took them up
    as I read they would help ward off Alzheimer's.

    Another piece of nonsensical advice. What they really do is expose my
    Alzheimer's as I carefully write the correct word in the wrong space. Or
    write an "M" when it was an "H" I had in mind.

    Ok, Bead Lady, and everydobby. Here's how to identify the opera.

    If it has a soprano in a kimono, it's Madame Butterfly.

    If it has a bullfighter, it's Carmen.

    If it has a hunchback, it's Rigoletto.

    If it has hoards of Egyptians, it's Aida.

    If it is long and boring, w/ only a nice tune now and then, it's by Wagner.

    If it's even longer and more boring, it's Berlioz.

    If the cast is made up of nuns, it's by Puccini or Poulonc. Either that or
    you've wandered into The Sound of Music.

    Time to yodel Goodbye.

    TPBM would rather wear comfortable shoes than slingbacks by Ferragamo.

  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    but still stifling a yawn, dangit!

    That's a great way to identify operas - I'm not an opera buff but have a sicilian friend who is. Then again, he understands the Italian ones LOL! so maybe that's why.

    I have heard that doing something you enjoy that is new is 'really' the key to stave off AD or other neurocognitive declines... so I'm hoping my attempting to re-learn Spanish while being immersed here will activate new parts of my brain... but so far I find I often type sound-alike words that are wrong or just start with the beginning of the word I meant to type, or omit words altogether as apparently my mind is working faster than my fingers.

    Perhaps this is a l-o-n-g range project for my brain...

    YES I prefer comfortable shoes over anything else... if I were getting married, I'd be like Cybill Shepherd and wear athletic shoes under my long dress in fact, LOL! That will apply if either of my kids ever get married, hehehe....

    TPBM has lucid dreams....
    (where you are 'awake' while dreaming, ie, realize you are dreaming and direct or change dreams (nightmares not included!))

    (I worked so hard at this that I never gave any thought really as to what I wanted to do once I was 'awake' in my dream... so when it happened, I had no plans and was at a loss, and quickly the dream became non-lucid LOL!)

  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Beatrice Lilly used to do a vaudeville act where she would sing a dulcet
    song while wearing a long gown. Then at the end she would hike up
    her dress and roller skate off stage.

    That was a very pellucid explanation of lucid dreams. I've had a couple over
    the decades. Last year I had several claustrophobic dreams which were
    most annoying. For some reason they went away after a week or two.

    Palermo is the capital of Sicily and has the most feared opera audience in
    Europe. The patrons are notorious for whistling (a sign of derision), yelling,
    singing along, etc. Cornell MacNeil, one of America's great baritones,
    (from Minneapolis) was booed in Palermo.

    When he attempted to walk out, the theater manager tried to stop him. Ended
    up a slugging match. Even Maria Callas never got into a slugging match.

    TPBM would like to win the lottery, but is thrilled just to find a 5 dollar bill
    in an old purse.

  12. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    no collection here.

    TPBM.....has been to Graceland?
  13. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    Not this year, but I will be going to a family members home where one will be roasted.

    TPBM has swam with dolphins.............
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I've sorta swum with dolphins. At least I've been in the same ocean
    with dolphins.

    Used to go to the beach w/ my son. We'd catch starfish and crabs.
    No animals were injured in the making of this post. We always returned
    them to their ocean home.

    The person below me lives on a higher plane than I.

  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    a higher plane... mentally or physically (elevation)????

    Physically, I think I live higher, we're at 7200', but don't remember where you live - top of the Rockies?

    Mentally, well, that's another question, probably depends on the day. Certain days I believe the spiders are on a higher mental plane then me LOL....

    TPBM loves frankcheesies... (haven't had one in years, don't know why I'm thinking about them!)

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  16. victoria

    victoria New Member

    just edited to add it... as I said, Rocks question was a loaded one for me LOL...
  17. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    used to like it as a kid, but now it is just tooooooo sweet.

    TPBM.....has eaten a grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly..........
  18. victoria

    victoria New Member

    That's a love it or leave it food item. Rock feels the same way about chocolate, can you imagine (see chocolate thread!)

    For me, I absolutely cannot stand it! I think it's genetic. My Mom loved it, we were introduced to it early, but neither my brother or I could eat it.

    (RE heights - they don't bother me, but standing on a balcony or the rim of the Grand Canyon and skydiving are 2 different things in my mind! I would like to go bungee jumping tho, or go on a gyrocopter. Maybe even parasail, tho I'm afraid of hitting the water or beach.)

    TPBM needs to take a nap or go to bed for the night, but is instead still sitting at the computer...

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  19. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    It's 10:15 p.m. where I am, so I'd say it's time for bed. But I guarantee I'll be up for a couple more hours playing around on the computer! Actually, I'm waiting for a favorite fanfic story to update...

    TPBM would be okay with handling a non-dangerous, non-poisonous snake...!

    (The reason I say that...when I was in college and in a drawing class, our teacher took us outside to draw the landscape. About halfway through, some student with a 4' long python draped around his neck walked through the area where we were drawing. As soon as it became known, about half the class immediately picked up and went far, far away...the rest of us gathered around the snake guy and all got to touch it. Which group would you have been in?)

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  20. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    I did back in 6th grade, help a boa around my neck, the place was callled "Nature's Classroom", in Fla. Good question....... And as long as someone was there with me, I'd do it again.

    TPBM....Has been over our "skyway bridge"........FLA

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