tragedy in Conn.

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    From the woman who drove me home from the dealership yesterday while my car was in for repair. She has a granddaughter with ADHD and is bi-polar. She said mental healthcare for kids is almost nonexistant. It's sad that no one is doing early intervention.

    A mother wrote a piece in today's paper. Her 40-year-old son killed himself. He was bi-polar and had other problems. He refused to take his meds. His mother said no one can make them take their meds because it interfers with their rights, even though they are not mentally capable of making the decision to take their meds. It was sad and very compelling. She was just glad he didn't harm anyone besides himself.

    We have a long way to go in providing mental healthcare. We also have a long way to go in legislating gun laws. Enough is enough. Even though I love my guns for sport (target practicing) and keep them for defense, I won't join the NRA. They are responsible for a lot of this and so are the people in DC who are bought off by, or afraid of, the NRA. After Columbine, the NRA held their annual convention in Denver. Their lack of remorse and arrogance knows no bounds.

    I believe the mother of this latest shooter was mentally ill as well as the son. She had a Survivalist mentality. These people think the govt. is coming for their guns, that there will be a revolution and/or a race war. In their minds, they are the "well-armed militia" mentioned in the Constitution. When the Constitution and amendments were written, people used muskets, not assault weapons. We no longer need a civilian militia.

    There is enough blame to go around for all these tragedies. We will never be able to completely eliminate them but we can sure try. The NRA will keep a low profile for a while and then, it will be business as usual. Sens. and Reps. will have to man up and woman up and stand up to them with some common-sense legislation. They also need to restore some of the money for mental healthcare which was cut in the 80's. Mental healthcare is no place to balance the budget.

    Love, Mikie
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    Excellent post....I agree with you on the mental healthcare issues--you can't force someone to take their meds....

    I won't join the NRA, either, even though I have/enjoy my guns the same as you...I enjoy target shooting, also!!

    There was a shooting here in PA this AM--probably about 40-50 miles from where I am. Thankfully the PA State Police got the shooter before he could kill any more...

    It's almost like that Chinese curse that sounds deceptively pleasant until you *really* think about it--"May you live in interesting times".....

    Thank you for being the voice of reason here on PH.