Trama Induced Fibro or CFS??? PLEASE READ

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    Hello everyone,

    I have been on the site for alittle over a week now and I have not heard of anyone who has had thier fibro or cfs start right after a tramatic event in thier life. I was explaining to another post on all the different things that I have been through.
    First of all my mother left me when I was between the ages of 5-6.
    I was left to live with my grandparents. my grandfather use to beat me and call me names. I think the man hated to me to be honest. Then when I was five years old my mothers best friends son sexually abused me and although I reported it to my mother nothing was ever done about it, basically ignored that it ever happened. The as I got older my father became ill with a pituritary tumor and caused him to go blind, not long after that my grandmother go sick with ALS. So I had to quit school and take care of them both and work so we could live. Then in 93 my grandmother passed away, this was hard on me because she had raised me as her own along with my father. Well the next year almost to the date a man broke into my house and tried to rape me, he beat me really bad. He didn't get the chance to rape me even though he was totally naked when he climbed on top of me while I was sleeping. I woke up and started fighting back and won the battle, but for the next year I didn't sleep, I was scared he would come back, took five yrs to catch him. The I lost my father in 97, this just about killed me. I loved him more than anything and he was my best friend.
    Well it wasn't long after that I started becoming ill. I was exhausted all the time and progessively I have been getting sicker and sicker. I am married and have a wonderful husband but it took me forever to trust anyone because of all of this.

    So have any of you suffered trama and shortly after become ill with this?
    Thanks for taking the time to read.

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    My FMS started after my incredible wreck year 2000. It was about 6 months after the wreck and I noticed the fatigue in bed. bed. Then the pain started ever so slowly...I do have permanent damamge but the pain from that creeped up on me after I started walking more. But the fatigue was incredible. Then I found this site a year later and realized what I had been eating wasn't helping the fatigue and pain. The sleep quit about a year after the wreck. But all through this time my stress was to the sky. I have always been under stress since I turned 13. My whole life has been stress and anxiety. I was in another wreck back in 1989. THAT WAS THE WORST time of my life I think. I believe between the wrecks and stress.... that did me in. I survived 2 abusive marriages and 28 years of abusive toxic people in my life. So there you have it. Abuse and trauma. That is my life story up till 3 years ago. Now my life is great with a great hubby. I just suffer the aftermath. Love Pammy
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    ...have suffered trauma of every description...and more than once. Just keep reading. There is wisdom and support and compassion here.

    I think Mikie (?) has a post on anger that's interesting.

    welcome aboard!
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    have had much trauma in my life and never associated it with FM until I came to this board. Now think as well as the "Flu" which I believe was the final trigger, it has played a major part. Love Ozgan.
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    My CFS and FM were trauma induced also. My dad died when I was ten, my mom has never known how to show love, my half brother who took the place of my dad died less than five years after my dad, in between my grandfather died. I was also molested, but didn't tell anyone. I had no clue what had happened, that's how naive I was. I married much too young and when we divorced, after 24 years of verbal and emotional abuse, it brought my illnesses into full force.

    So, you are not alone. I am now a very happy single person, despite my illnesses. I am learning how to adapt my lifestyle to fit around my abilities and am enjoying it more than ever.


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    What a sad, sad world we all live in. From abuse of parents and spouses to the children having there innocence taken away to death. Not to mention all the other things we have to live through such as the terrible accidents and car crashes.

    I have harbored much anger and resentment in my life about the things that have happened to me. Only recently have I actually been trying to work through some of the issues that I have and finding help through talking with you all on this board and talking with my wonderful husband and going to therapy.

    Many days I am very withdrawn, I dont know who to trust. If I talk to someone about these issues are they going to judge me? I have those thoughts all the time because I have been through so much that I just don't know who I can tell and who I can. At least I have a voice here without judgement. I thank you all for that.

    I am so sorry for the terrible things that you all have had to go through. Sometimes it just doesnt seem fair. I have thought many times how does one get picked to go through this while others seem so happy and without grief. I don't have an answer to that I wish I did. I know that all I can do is try my best to work through these things and move forward with my life.

    I am happy now, I have a wonderful husband who is very caring. It took me some time to trust men again since I had two bad experiances with men growing up. Although I am still very angery about what has happened to me, I have learned to love again.
    I wish all of you the same.

    God Bless,
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