tramadol and sleep

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pasara, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. pasara

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    i tried taking tramadol in the past and had too many side effects. I am trying it again, cutting my dosage down even lower and seeing if there is a point that it is helpful and i can tolerate it.

    i noticed that when i take it i am sleeping better and wonder if pain keeps me from sleeping without my being aware of it. it is not that i am taking it before bed, by the way. when i took tramadol in the past it depressed my breathing, so i am afraid to take it at night, but want to be conscious and around others just in case. i am also not taking it on a regular schedule so that it would be built up in my system, but more as needed.

    still, i am dreaming less and don't seem to wake up during the night. this is a huge improvement for me.

    do you think it is just the narcotic-like effect of the drug that is still active many hours after taking it? keep in mind, i take a child's size dose.

    just curious and trying to get a good picture of how this medication is affecting me. thanks.
  2. Aberlaine

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    I take Ultracet, which is a combination of tramadol and tylenol. It helps my pain immensely. Mostly my pain is in my lower back and without it, I couldn't move.

    I take one dose with breakfast and one dose around 5:00 p.m. That way the second dose is still in my system when I head to bed. I probably could use a third dose in the middle of the night because when I wake up to go to the bathroom, my pain levels are usually around "6". But a lot of that is due to stiffness as well. I have arthritis throughout my body.

    Lowering your dosage is a good idea. You want to take only enough to get results, but not too much so you feel drowsy.
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    I take it too throughout the day which finally helps with the pain. I also take Soma before bed to sleep.

    Pain definitely disturbs sleep, I feel so much better getting better sleep.

    I'll try the idea of taking it when I wake during the night, mornings can still be rough pain wise.

    I keep testing negative for arthritis but have knee probls since I was 13, hip probls for past 3 years, now the shoulders are kicking in. Rheumy said she thinks it's it w/o the positive test, has to be.

    Take care.