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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by grannyof6, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. grannyof6

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    Does anyone take more than 100 mgs of tramadol in a single dose? I started at 50 mgs and now take 100 and have for awhile. It doesn't seem to be working anymore and I wasn't sure about a larger dose. I only take it once a day when I'm working. Thanks. Granny
  2. heapsreal

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    I take 100mg slow release tramal that suppose to last 12 hours, i find it good. There is also a 24 hour tramal as well, but i find it worsens my sleep. I dont take it all the time either. The only thing i can suggest is have a break from it for awhile and then go back to it. Sometimes people forget simple things like asprin, once in awhile I will take asprin and it does work.

    good luck.
  3. gapsych

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    I take 100 mg. three times per day if needed. I just posted about my insurance not letting me get Ultram in the ER form.

    Heapsreal, do you have to pay a lot for your extended release? Do you live in Canada? My doctor and I want me to take the 200ER and then if I need another hundred to take that. I don't always need 300.

    Granni, my pharmacist told me that you should not take more than 400 mg. for more than ten days but with some of the meds. we take maybe not at all. I would ask your doctor.

  4. heapsreal

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    Im in australia and it cost me about $12 for 20x100mg slow release tramal, which sounds good to what others are paying, basic meds are all subsidized in australia, whish AV's were.
  5. gapsych

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    I'll trade any antivirals I can get hold of for your tramadol!! :D

    Take care and thanks for the info.

  6. butterflydream

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    Yes i do take Tramadol 100 mg per dose

    Have you tried taking the 100mg also when you get home from work? Doc should have discussed with you the mg and how often.

    At your next doc appointment discuss the dosage or you may need a different med. Hopefully your doctor will have a better option for you.

    wish you well
  7. Juloo

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    Some months ago, I was prescribed a month's worth of Ultram (tramadol HCI) 200 mg (ER) for pain. I thought I gave it a pretty good shot -- about two weeks. But it was like taking a sugar pill for me. I had no relief at all. I actually wondered if the medicine was faulty in some way. Just recently I re-injured an old injury and was given hydrocodone for pain. It was running out, and I wouldn't see the doctor for a bit, so I pulled out the Ultram to see if I could use it during the day so as to get through. Unfortunately, again, no relief at all. For some reason, this medication just does not work on my body. Perhaps it's genetic.
  8. my sis in law takes tramadol at bedtime and says she sleeps so good. does it make you tired during the day?
  9. spacee

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    generic tramadol makes me and my hubby very sleepy. The brand name Ultram gives a bit of energy. And, darn it, our insurance makes us really pay for the brand name.

    Sorry, I don't know about the higher dose of the tramadol.

  10. Hawkeye

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    I take 100 mg of Tramadol three times a day. This is the only thing that gets me up moving and able to work. I honesty think it is a wonder drug for me. I don't worry about taking it because I know I will never feel good enough to stop taking it.

    Hope it helps you,
  11. Juloo

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    I'm fascinated by the variety of responses here on a single medication. I look forward to the day when medicine is personalized to the point of providing medication based on genetic factors -- in the sense that a person's genetic profile will tell a doctor is a specific med will make a person sleepy, energized, pain-free, or not work at all. Then they won't think we're crazy or 'fishing' when something doesn't work for us.
  12. hensue

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    I have started swelling in my ankles and feet and legs pretty bad. Noticed it is every time I take an ultram. What would cause that?
    Tramadol does the same thing.