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    I've been on Tramadol for almost 2 years, and it is not working as well. My Rheumy said I was on the only "regimine" they have for their FM patients. I know there is something stronger, but how do you go about asking for it without sounding like a "drug-seeker"? She said my PCP could refer me to pain clinic, but that she done all she can do.

    Any adivice or suggestions?

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    I take Tramadol daily and it helps with the pain, but it is not the only pain medicine I am on. My doctor is a Family Physician with experience with FMS patients. He understands and is not afraid to try new pain medicines to help me. Other than finding a doctor that will help you find the right pain medicine for YOU, I don't know what else to suggest. As we know FMS is not a one-medicine-fits-all syndrome.
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    Ultra-cet is the answer and for me, it was not addictive. It's easier on your stomach than Ibuprofen and I never experienced any side effects. If your doctor won't listen to you, find someone who will. "Pain Management" is just going to put a bandaid on the problem and your current doctor should know better.
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    my internist prescribes the tramadol and darvocet helps take a little edge off. I have to go to a pain clinic to get valuim and klonopin.
    They need to be controlled and my doctor does not like giving those out.
    I am sure if i had to have something stronger i would have to have get it from pain clinic. What is ultracet? The ent i just started going to wants me to get off tramadol to see if the ringing in my ears will stop. I got this from a sinus infection end of January. It is just one ear and a did read on the complaint board about drugs it has caused ringing in ears.
    They do not know the cause of fibro dont you have to get pain management?
    klonopin and valuim have been a life saver for me. i only get one a day for 30 days.
    They help to calm those nerves down and also to go to sleep.
    go to a pain clinic actually it enlightened me about the side effects of all these drugs and he the doc that is what he is there for.
    So I would go to one. I only have to go every 3 months
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    Thanks so much for your input. I will ask my PCP for a referral to a Pain Clinic. I've also been having alot of anxiety/panic attacks also....Oh my goodness! Seems to be getting worse instead of better....but life is good none the less.

  6. does it have many noticable side effects? Just curious.
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    If you are hurting bad who cares right? That is the only side effect I know of like I said it takes the edge off. The doc gives me four a day at 50 mg and I have never taken over two a day. I think they help
    When i say pain I mean huge amount of pain where it can totally get out of control and I never want to be there again.
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    Tramadol does have some side effects...but I haven't noticed any. A friend of mine broke out in a rash and was very itchy. For me, it helps with pain. But, there are some days when I don't think I can deal with the pain and anxiety any longer...but I make it through. I'm so very thankful that God has given me such a wonderful husband who understands! And, by the way, our dog helps too. He makes me laugh!

    Take Care, Laury
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    Most people think Tramadol isn't addictive, but it can be very hard to come off of - so don't stop suddenly.

    It wasn't strong enough for me, but works wonderfully for others. I always go to to see what people have to say about medication.

    While I was on it (for a brief period of time)I didnt have any side effects. My doctor told me that taking a Tylenol along with it, would make it more effective.