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  1. maaji

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    I am interested in mention some of you have made of a "rebounder" is this a kind of trampoline? What is the purpose of using it? I have days when i am full of a kind of energy surge with no suitable outlet and am forced to pace up and down to relieve the restlessness, and wonder if this might help. What are others experiences? Maaji
  2. spartanjt

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    maaji- the rebounder is basically a mini-trampoline that helps to stimulate blood & lymph flow in the body. Lymph flow is very important & the bouncing action on the tramp promotes that.

    Dr Cheney, the world renowned CFS specialist has endorsed the use of these min-tramps for CFS patients too. I've had one for a few years now & it definitely helps one's energy levels & can also help improve one's balance & stability (problems which are common w/CFFS/FM patients).

    You can buy the very inexpensive versions of the mini- tramp from any sporting goods store, or, go through a company such as Rebound Air to get a better made, high quality version of the same thing.

  3. LakeErie

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    I use the Urban Rebounder. I got my mother a mini trampoline from Walmart for $19.99. She is 80 years old and is very fit, does aerobics 3 times a week. I have bad balance problems and it scared me. I also have spinal problems and have to avoid any jolt to spine.

    I found the Urban Rebounder on the Internet and for $99.00. It is made much better and it has a support bar in front.

    I bounce lightly in the rebounder with my feet never leaving the the mat. To remind myself to used it I have it set up in my office in front of a TV. Ten minute intervals are great.
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    I love my rebounder but can only do it for very short periods of time. Some days more than 10 seconds is too much. I feel nauseous because it gets the toxins moving out of my liver. So if you have a very toxic liver, be careful about how long you do it.

    The longer you can do it, obviously the better. And it really does help with that wired feeling sometimes.

    I have a cheap one but am considering buying a Needak (the Cadillac of rebounders) because I have bad ankles and the Needak has a better surface to bounce on.

    As someone already mentioned, you don't even need to leave the mat to get things moving. It is amazing how this works.

  5. maaji

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    very many thanks to all of you for your replies - i would definitely like to try it but have no idea if I can find one here in India. Any suggestions for rebounding without the trampoline?
  6. Mikie

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    If so, you can jump in water as deep as you can do it in. It will help as will just hanging on one of those foam noodle things in the deep end of a pool. The gently motion and pressure of the water helps move the lymph node fluid.

    Love, Mikie