Tranquil Ease for sleeping? Also guestion about magnesium

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  1. dhope

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    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone tried Tranquil Ease for sleeping; I can't get ZMA because of the ingredient gelatin so I was wondering about tranquil for sleeping and how some liked it.

    Also I read someone had liked naturally calm it is a water soluble powder Magnesium; I was wondering my blood test came out fine for calcium or magnesium. I read that taking magnesium is good for FM would it be ok to still take it I want to.

  2. suz41

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    Hi Dhope:

    sorry I can't help you on your question about Tranquil Ease, but from the sounds of it you can take Magnesium. I usually take 500mg split in 2 doses daily with Malic acid 600 mg 2x day. I take my last dosage in the evening but not on an empty stomach. This has helped with my FM pain and I think the magnesium has acalming effect for sleep. Start at a low dose and build up over the course of a week. I don't know what other meds/supplements you are on so make sure to see that it won't interfere with anything else. There are several articles and tips on Magnesium and Malic asic just type in the word in the library or on this site and see what you come up with. LOL

  3. tansy

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    has worked out another way to get mg into the system which would not cause diarrhea, it involves using a nebuliser. She does make quite a few different recommendations. I posted on this yesterday and will bump it for you.

    Take care

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  4. Shirl

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    This is just a thought, but is it the capsule that is the problem with the ZMA (gelatin) for you? Why not just open it and putting the ingredients in some apple sauce or something? I had to do this for my daughter when she was little with iron capsules.

    I have not tried Tranquil, can't help there.

    I mentioned Natural Calm (powdered magnesium citrate), its wonderful for pain, but if you take too much it can cause diarrhea.

    I don't know about the results of your tests. Maybe one of the medical professionals can help with that one.

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. reva727

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    I don't know what's in Tranquil Ease, but one thing that has helped me in the past is a herb called valerian. It's a natural muscle relaxer.
  6. dhope

    dhope New Member

    Thanks everyone for your help on my guestion

    Hope everyone has a good night
  7. kar1953

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    I tried the valerian root before. It helped a little, it relaxed me but didn't help me sleep any better.

    One thing I can tell you about magnesium is the best way to avoid getting diarrhea is to take it on a full stomach. I learned this the hard way!

    Take care....Kathi
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