Transcriptionists with Fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by droufs, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. droufs

    droufs New Member

    I am a medical transcriptionist, working 40-45 hours a week. I have noticed there are quite a few transcriptionists out there with fibromyalgia. I am just wondering why? Could it be the repetativeness bring on fibromyalgia? Did you become a transcriptionist after being diagnosed? I am very lucky to work at home since I take 2 naps a day. Just a thought.
  2. Goldenlight

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    Hi Droufs,

    I used to do medical transcription for a hospital. I already had the beginnings of fibromyalgia before that. My doctor attributed my pain to my work, my work station, my posture, stress, anxiety, everything he could think of. He finally did say maybe I had fibromyalgia which, I think, was becoming more known at the time. In my case the work didn't cause my fibromyalgia.

    Droufs, could you tell me about being a transcriptionist at home? I have wondered if that would be something I could do again by taking some refresher classes. You say you are able to take a couple of naps a day so it must not be too demanding as far as the workload goes. I've wondered if I took some classes, found work, etc., if then I would find out that it increased the fibro pain too much doing all the repetitive keyboarding and sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time. I now have chronic fatigue syndrome, too, so the post exertional malaise makes it quite a challenge in working at a regular job outside the home.

    Thanks for any advice you may have and have a great day!

  3. droufs

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    Well, I am supposed to be full time, but with all the naps and breaks for stretching, it is an all-day event with Saturdays included. It is very nice working at home. I did go to school, a vo-tech school, and got a certificate, which most places require you have. I work for a service, so I don't make great money, but the benefit of being home outweighs that. At least I am still able to work. I get paid per line typed, so they don't care whether I take a break or not, as long as I get my line count in. Ask me any questions.
  4. Goldenlight

    Goldenlight New Member


    Thank you for the info. I will keep this in mind. I'm not sure what direction I'm headed at the moment.

  5. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    My friend and coworker with M.S. is getting hers paid for (and she works 30 hours a week in the same government job that I work at) through BVR. For me, it would be about $1700, but she said that there is work out there.

    I work okay with my Fibro, as I just limp and hop around when my legs act up. And I move like Frankenstein. But the CFIDS is the thing that might be the end of full-time employment outside of the home for me.

    SweetT (tonia)
  6. revlcb

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    but I too am contantly typing. My FMS began with a horrific flu (that has always made me wonder if the diagnosis should have been CFS.) Anyway, I do notice that being in one position for hours on end also makes me resemble Frankenstein with all the stiffness. But I do notice that my hands swell if I'm typing for over 1/2 hour.

    I held this position before my diagnosis.
  7. TerryS

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    I was a medical transcriptionist for seven years. I am currently out on LTD from the job. I, too, worked from home, but I actually worked for a doc's office and they paid me by the hour and gave me full benefits.

    I was working full time. To put my 40 hours in was almost impossible. I was having to stop and nap at least once a day, and to sit back down and work after my nap was very hard for me. Sometimes, I would actually get up in the middle of a note and lie down!

    I have CFS in addition to the FM and I get quite exhausted after lunch time through the evening. I was having to work all weekend and sometimes at night trying to keep up (which I still wasn't able to keep up).

    I have had FM since age 10 after recovering from rheumatic fever. I just got my diagnosis, however, this past fall. As a young adult, I went from rheumy to rheumy trying to get an one seemed to care too much back then; maybe they didn't really know about FM at the time.

    I've been fighting this incredible fatigue and exhaustion for a couple of years now. I had a HUGE crash back last August which landed me in bed for six weeks...couldn't hardly move, and the pain was incredible!!! The only thing that's helped my pain is Lyrica; however, it makes me feel very "high". And I still have the exhaustion problem.

    My official diagnosis is CFS/FM, but I actually also have primary biliary cirrhosis (which has not yet been confirmed via liver biopsy). It's an autoimmune disease; antibodies attacking my liver mitochondria. I personally think that's why I'm so exhausted; although, I do have "chronic/reactivated" Epstein Barr virus titers that go up and down.

    Anyhow, I don't know how you keep going. I finally was forced to throw in the towel. Working from home was awesome since I was still raising my children. But now, my youngest is 16, and if and when I recover from this illness, I am NOT going back to transcription. I can't work from home and be this isolated any more, and it was way too much pressure to keep up (would have been better to have worked for a service, I guess, so I could clock out and not have hours and hours of work waiting on me).

    If I'm ever able to work again, I'm going to work part time in retail...just giving great customer service and meeting lots of people!!! (And getting a hefty discount!!!) I'm lucky I don't have to worry about a minimum income as my hubby has a great job.

    Good luck to you! I don't think the FM is related to transcription're just an unfortunate soul like the rest of us!!!


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