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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by spacee, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. spacee

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    I was doing some reading on TF's and thought I would share the info.

    4Life has some new TF's as follows:

    Transfer Factor Classic (not a new one) modulates OVER active immune system and increases NK (Natural Killer) Cells by 204%.

    Transfer Factor Advance modulates AND stimultes the immune system and increases NK cells by 283%.

    Transfer Factor Advanced Plus (the "plus" is stuff like Olve Leaf Extract, Beta Glucan, mushrooms, etc) stimulates the immune system and increase NK cells by 437%.


    Two Tranfer Factors by 4Life are FDA approved and listed in the PDR for nonRX and Dietary supplesments. They are:

    Transfer Factor Plus and Transfer Factor Cardio.

  2. dreamharp

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    I felt very ill when I took TF plus. It seem to rev up my
    immune system. I wonder if the classic would be better suited
    for me?

  3. spacee

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    It is probably a good idea to start witht the mildest and see how you handle that. Which would be the classic. The classic states that it "modulates" the immune system rather than "stimulates". I hope it helps you.

    The classic was the first one that I tried a couple of years ago. I could tell that it helped but that I could use a stronger TF so I went up to one of the "targeted" TF's.