Transfer Factor and auto-immune disease?

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by Kabuki, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. Kabuki

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    I've only just found out about Transfer Factor and would like to give it a go, I'm just a bit concerned because as well as CFS I've got Hashimoto's Thyroiditus which is an auto-immune disease.

    A few years ago I had to stop taking echinacea which is generally thought to be beneficial to the immune system, because it was making my thyroid problem worse - building my immune system up just to knock me down again!

    Also does anyone know where or how I could get hold of some in Australia (Melbourne area)?


  2. paulalbert

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    Echinacea is no good for CFS. That stuff only hypes up your immune system. You don't want that. (pretty sure about this.) Anyway, there is a site on the web which lists all the places that sell transfer factor, and aside from a couple obscure ones in places like eastern Europe and Cuba, they are all in the States which means airmail! I got my stuff from Natural Health Consultants. You can also order from this web site. Call them up if you got a question.

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    Try looking at it has a god overview on TF..