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    Hi I am new and am on immune factor 2 and lymplus and multi immune TF. I have a question well lots of them but ill start with 2! lol reading about lyme and myco, i have both for the most part this stuff lives more in tissue and your heart and joints then in the blood. When you take TF I know it wakes up the immune system but does this reach into the brain and heart? Does it go to the tissue? I am only on day 5 of the immune factor 2 and the others and this is my first go around with the TF but i am very excited about the idea of this if i can just figure it all out. I will not do abx anymore as part of my treatment I was bit a year ago this month and its been a wild ride! Im trying to figure out this herx, die off reaction , immune system wake up etc.
    I keep reading flu like sym well this stuff kick my but for the first two days i had the flu on crack! then that was gone and all i have now is fatigue and my memory has gotten 10x worse, what does this mean, that it is working? stoped working? dying? herxing? I cant even tell what im having most of the time. How do we know if its working? if u dont have this long drawn out flu sym does that mean it has stoped working? I also take beta glucan with it , the beta max 2 2x a day. I also have EBV, HHV-6 ofoucourse! with the lyme and mycos dont seem to have any co infection other then the one that causes rocky spoted mountain fever. possible Bart but so far neg test and only have sym that overlap. Any help in understanding any of this would be so greatly appreciated! I dont understand why my memory has gotten worse, dont know what to take of this? Thank You

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    1. We have a Transfer Factor Message Board. Click on the "Message Boards" at the top and scroll down the list and you will find it. People rarely post there anymore. But there is some good info in some of the posts. With your brain fog, it might be too much though.

    2. Everyone is different. I have never herxed on TF. Mikie did the "traditional" herx, die off, feel better "dance".

    3. 5 days just isn't long enough. You should have a gradual improvement for months.

    4. A talk with Michelle Dopson at Chisholm Biological Labs could be a good idea. Sometimes it takes patience to get together. Here is their phone number 1-803-663-9618. She is an expert on TF's.

    5. Also, Chisholm Lab is capable of making a "individual" TF to cover your bodies infection. Some viruses, mycos mutate. It is not cheap. It is about $350 a bottle. And it may only be for one virus/myco. Ask Michelle about that for exact info it you are interested.

    6. I have just started using Kirkman's Magnesium/sulfate cream. That is Epson salt in a cream form. Google and you will find their site and it is about $17 for a 4 oz jar. You get a scoop for the correct measurement. This product has done wonders for my fatigue and brain. I went downhill about a year ago after some severe stress. Dr. Cheney recommends this to CFS patients. He says that CFS and Lyme are indistinguishable. So, it might help you.

    This is also an individual thing with the cream. For some it lasts one hour. For me, it lasts 8 hours. It is the most normal I have ever felt. You should have seem me driving 80mpg yesterday keeping up with my husband in front of me.

    Hope that helps. I have never hear anything about TF's and the BBB. So, I am no help there.

    Oh yes, I take #2 and #9. #9 covers the Mycos.


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