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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by minkeygirl, Jul 23, 2003.

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    Hope someone can help. I started on TF for CMV and EBV about 3 weeks ago. About 1 1/2 weeks ago I started to get nauseaus and migraines on a daily basis. Now I get this anyhow but usually like this. I'm trying to figure out if I'm herxing, if it's hormones, the weather, candida...I'm hoping it's herxing. Does anyone have experience with TF and herxing? ALso, did read your posts on pulsing so is that something I might want to try? I've reduced the TF dose some and am taking at night instead of a.m. to see if that helps. Thanks Jan. (I'm really sick from CFS so may be a few days to get back)
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    Posing this question to the members of the Transfer Factor Board. There may be a lot more experience there.

    Love, Mikie
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    minky: what does are you taking? i've been on l -2 mainteance for 4 months nada nothing, the cytolog pat talks of did more but exascerbated my sandpaper dry thirst and fire ants of the mouth tongue throat and broncials life star's joe bentely things my ph body is so acidic that the 4.4. acidity of the cytolog sprayed int eh mouth is making me more acidic another catch 22 everyone on here knows by know that is my middle name it's the truth Cheney hasn't helped me i think one big problme is the fatigue is making my cells more acidic i can't sleep but bedridden much of the day, and major digestive problmes hypersensitivies anyway,

    HOW much are you taking i'm taking 4 life supposdely better than tommorrow foods, it might work better i don't know

    HOW long is it safe i muscle tested 2 good for me by the chiro that sells 4 life much research behind it

    I"D try the cytolog if you don't have the dyeshtias of the mouth tongue throat i have and i've never talked to anybody that had that bizzare symptom myk tongue mouth stays broke out in sores whey i 'm not sure,

    the cytolog read pat palmers post, it had quick benefits body pain energy but i couldn't take the exascerbation of thirst fire ants sandpaper dry burnign biting tingling my top symptom of five years, probably the th2/th2 and ph thing cheney doens't really know,

    But i'm trying to help call joe bently e mail me for his 800 no., IF you don't have that top symptom this cytolog will help your flu like , body pain and energy i really think it's an infopeptide if my dysehtias weren't a problem i take it again in a heartbeaat but jOE thinks the 4.4. ph of the product is bothering my acidiic cell conditon yet cheney says my small intestine ph = 8.0 too alklaine REMEMBER PH is compartmentalized in the body, Cheney says he is NO dummy for sure and knows that much


    I"m not selling nothing just want to help,

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    Hi, Itook that brand and felt worse at first. For quite awhile actually. Felt fluish, allergies were worse, etc. I had to cut down the dose to 1/4 capsule, then upped it to 1/2 etc. I took it for about 3 months.
    Mikie is right about asking the TF board. Also For life has a phone number you can call on Thursday nights for people with FMS using TF. I called it and told them I couldn't take the normal dose and they said that was ok, and to take as little as I needed to to work up to it.
    If you want more info on TF for Life let me know. I had a friend who sold it and gave me the phone number for questions, etc. I'm sure I have it somewhere.
    Good Luck,
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    I'm taking the TF I got from Immunesupport, the 100 plan I believe. I started with 3 caps a.m. then about 2 1/2 weeks in the migraines and nausea started. But so did high humidity. And I get them anyway so who knows. 2 days ago it dawned on me I could be herxing so I took 1 in a.m. and 1 in pm. Last night i took 2 in pm and today it was a battle but so far no problems.

    I would love to speak to someone who knows TF (TF Board) just to see. I'm lucky in that I have no FM. Gets exhausting trying to figure everything out all the time. Thanks all. Jan
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    Hi...I thought since i felt so bad by taking the TF in the a.m. that I would switch to pm. I only took one capsule last night and still had major migraine and nausea again today, that's 12 days in a row, and Zomig is not working. I'm going to stop and see if that's it. I have it in the fridge and have enough for a 3 month course but I have no RX benefits and migraine meds are outrageous so may have to stop. If someone can give me a number, that'd be great...i did buy my stuff from Health Resources. Also, what is cytalog? Thanks.