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  1. neilk

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    I am a 32 yr old male with CFS following EBV a few years ago. Luckily it is fairly mild - I work full-time and lead a fairly 'normal' life. Despite this I have ongoing problems with aches/pains/fuzzy head and post-exertial fatigue. I also have mild IC. I have been taking 1 tablet of transfer factor 200 for the past week or so (and beta-glucan). As well as making me feel terrible (which I expected) it has severely exacerbated my IC to the point that I have had to stop.

    Does anyone have any advice? I have previously tried 4life tr factor but had the same problem. I am wondering if there is something else I could try that has the same effect but wouldn't irritate the IC (perhaps inosine?)

    In addition, if anyone happens to know of a good doctor in London, UK who knows about the immunological aspects of CFS (particularly the TH1/TH2 issue) I would be greatful to know.
    many thanks
  2. spacee

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    I have mild IC and I take NADH (I get mine from ProHealth since it is tricky to find). I took two 5 mg tabs for years, now I take three in the am about 20-30mins before eating. It can be taken again in the afternoon if burning. Usually just one then.

    I have the IC problem if I eat alot of acidic food.

    The thing about NADH is not that it is for IC, but that it contains d-mannitol. That is the ingredient that helps the bladder. Mannose is available (online here in US) but I have never tried that. That would be cheaper than the NADH but I had such good succcess with the NADH, I never switched. My bladder was really bad at the time.

    In my last ProHealth catalogue, there was a new product AVE which helps to balance the TH1/TH2 according to the info about it. I have never heard of it before and have not tried it.

    There is also Nexavir gel. Not sure if that is available in the UK.

    I have never heard of a good doc in London even though there are conventions there about CFS....someone must be interested!

    Take care and try to not get into the push/crash/push thing.

  3. neilk

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    many thanks. the AVE looks a bit expensive but I will keep it in mind. Going to try the Immunopro then consider a different TH1\TH2 product - either Pine Cone Extract (immunextra) or Inosine. If you have any experience of either then let me know. Neil
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    I've found that anything that flares my FM flares my IC symptoms, terribly.

    I've found that dietary modifications are crucial in managing IC.

    LDN has been very helpful to all of my symptoms, incl the FM & IC. LDN boosts endorphins, which has far-ranging effects on the immune system. Not sure how it effects TH1/2 balance. I know there are people trying LDN for CFS. Perhaps you could research it, if interested.

    Best wishes.
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  5. neilk

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    Many thanks for that. I have been trying to decide whether to try LDN or Inosine and if it will also potentially help my IC I think you have made up my mind. The only problem will be trying to convince a dr to prescribe it for me! Particularly difficult in the UK...

    Take care, Neil
  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    Never heard of anyone trying the pine stuff. Had a friend try the earth dragon peptide...didn't help.

    I feel bad for you in the doc situation. I have found one doc in about 50 who will rx things for me. And the UK is much worse.
    Terrible thing.


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