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    I have been on TARGETED TF from Immunity Today for 3 1/2
    mos. Two weeks ago at the three month point I began to see my symptoms improve ( I used Immune care 64 as it covers most common pathogens- HHV6 , CMV , EBV .)

    I had had a really rough time with TF and really wondered if it would work for me . I definitely felt worse for a while ( weeks) when I started it . I could only tolerate ONE capsule daily for the first 5 weeks. Raising the dose to two was rough also and caused intense fluish feeling ( chills , night sweats , sore lymph nodes
    and EXTREME PROFOUND fatigue .

    I am glad I stuck with it ! I definitely see REAL improvement and I am so grateful. I also included these in my treatment plan : low dose naltrexone ( LOW DOSE , NOT REGULAR!) Bromelain and digestive enzymes to
    repair hypercoagulation , and Supplements to raise glutathione level ( selenium 400 mcg , 600 mg N acetyl cysteine 3 X daily , 500- 1000 mg L glutamine , 500 - 1000 mg Vit C ) . I tried to be consistent with these for three months and THEY ARE NOW PAYING OFF!!!!!
  2. Mikie

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    I am having a really rough time with the Transfer Factor C. I am alternating it with the TF 200 and leaving two nights in between, but each time I take the C, I get so sick like I have the flu with a horrible headache which doesn't respond to meds.

    I am so happy for you and you have inspired me to keep going with the TF. Keep us updated.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Ann,

    So glad to read your latest update and know you are doing so well. The past week I have felt really good myself and it is great!

    I'm having brain troubles and hope when I start on glut immune it will help out. Also am thinking of increasing my methylcolobaim sp? B12 sublingually 5 mg. to double that.

    I took the VCS test and result was positive so I know I have neurotoxins causing all the brain troubles.

    But having energy and a sense of wellbeing is so cool! I am having fun doing things again. It is like you are set free from the trap!

  4. spacee

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    thrilled with your great news! You DID have it rough for weeks and hung in there. I tried to find a Dr. Ryser article that talks about good results at 3 and 6 months and then up to 1 hoping much more improvement for you!!

    I finally started the NAC that you posted to me almost a year ago with a recommendation. I love it. Still mulling over the LDN. I have written down all your good info. Thanks for keeping us informed!!

    While you are doing better...could you try to do something about your traffic problems in Georgia...just wishful