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    Happy. I was diagnosed with mycoplama infection of the white blood cells. Then tough cfs and fm condition for 10 plus years. But...I began t.f. about a years or so ago and am feeling better and stronger. Glory to God this stuff works and telling all with mycoplasma infections to GO for it and take it all! OK..I take tf 4000, tf 6000 and about 6 to 9 pills of the tf essentials which increases the natural killer cells by proven 181%. I can work part time, do errands nonstop, think, laugh, have energy, love life, patience, be a mom and a great wife to my wonderful husband who has walked with me thru this nightmare for over 10 years. All I can say is that I have done it all to get better and done a zillion dollars worth of med. and natural remedies for this disease!!!!! and...This Transfer Factor theory works. Please I beg all mycoplasma pts. to try it all. Hey, I don't know if its killing the myco but the immune system is catching up and doing a fantastic job! Ok the t.f. strengthens the immune system...the natural killer cells are the white blood cells. You have to understand that the white blood cells is where the mycoplasma bact/virus is liveing and eating!!!!!! So, the with t.f....HEy...we win the white blood cells win.
    Also...I do a good diet..but hey I have always done that and still had a zero the t.f. and don't be a baby about it...take it and I do more of the tf essentials up to 6 0r 9 a day after I did some research..and lots of reading...from pts. and even a doctor himself who takes a lot of it...all is ok and the immune system is HAPPY.
    Thank God. Debbie.