Transfer Factor Plasmyc - covers everything ?

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    Was browsing through the Forrest health ( chisolm labs ? ) site and came across this Transfer Factor Plasmyc which seems to cover most everything. Wondering if anyone has tried it and had good results with it .

    It says that Transfer Factor PlasMyc may have special dietary usefulness for individuals diagnosed with Mycoplasma arthritidis, buccale, faucium, fermentans, genitalium, hominis, lipophilum, orale, penetrans, pirum, pneumoniae, primatum, salivarium, or spermatophilum, Ureaplasma urealyticum, Nanobacterium, HHV6 A & B, CMV, EBV, C. pneumoniae and human plaque.


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    I have used Transfer Factors. Several different kinds. This one works the
    best for me. I use to recommend it alot. Someone said I could be the
    "Poster Girl" for this product.

    We are all different and one of my friends had a very bad reaction to it
    Paralysis of the legs. Which did eventually clear up.

    You can see why I don't suggest it any longer.

    If you want to try the TF's, you might try one of the milder ones sold here.
    The one you asked about and Prohealth's have to be mailed on ice because
    they need to be kept cool as possible.

    I know that they mail TF's to some countries but not sure which ones.

    If you were able to try a TF, Mikie and Rich Carson suggest opening the
    capsule and scooping out just a bit and putting it under your tongue.
    See how that goes. It is very powerful.


  3. deepak

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    Dear Spacee,

    Did you try the Plasmyc ? Can you tell me how it helped you ?

    Paralysis of legs from taking it sounds scary!! Was it definitely due to this TF ??

    It just looks attractive as it seems to cover almost everything and here in India I dont have the option to get many tests done which you can in USA, to actually figure out which specific targeted TF I should use.

  4. spacee

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    On the Transfer Factor Board, I bumped "My first Three months on IMC" This
    was the closest thing that Prohealth had to Plasmyc at the time. I slowly worked
    up from being able to walk 20 mins to being able to walk 1 hour 6-7 times
    a week.

    For some years I have taken the one that targets all the things you list. Chis. Lab
    calls it TF#9. I have taken breaks from the TF. Like right now I have not been
    on it in several months but will start again about 2/2012.

    I am not as energetic as I was (walking 7 hours a week...never more than one
    hour a day). But I am older too and have been ill 25 years.

    I do not have Fibromyalgia though.

    Maybe you have heard of Guai? It is sold here at this site for Fibro.

  5. deepak

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    Thank you Spacee :)

    I was reading your post on the transfer factor board. There you mention "That Dr. R. mixes the TF's together." Do you mean she mixes targeted TF with a general one ? Any idea ?

    How long have you been taking TF's since? Is it like a course one takes for a few months or is it something one takes for good ? When you go off them do you feel worse ?

    When you say Guai do you mean this one - Guaifenesin 600 ? I have not heard of it. Have you had good results from it ?

    I called up forrest labs and maybe will consult Dr forrester too about the TF. He charges 20 $ for a 10 minute phone consultation.

    With love,

  6. deepak

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    OOhh all these TF names and companies are confusing me. Is Researched Nutritionals which makes Transfer factor Plasmyc the same as Chisolm labs ???

  7. spacee

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    I just tried to call Chisolm Labs (now called Specialty Products) but they are
    closed on Friday afternoons. Wanted to check and see if they had changed
    the name of the TF#9 to the Plasmyc since they list the same pathogens.
    Of course they didn't answer the phone.

    If you go to Research Library at the top of the page click on that, then put
    Transfer Factors, it will lead you to a list of articles ProHealth has published
    over the years about TF's. Scroll down and you will see 'Treating the Chronically
    Ill'. Click on that and you will find an interview with Dr. Ryser who is a pediatrician and how she treats her patients. She uses several kinds and
    a lot of it. But she tests to see what her patient's pathogens are before she
    uses the TF's. She says it takes about 1 year for her patients to feel the full effect of the TF's and that sometimes the patients will stop taking the TF's after feeling so good but that the illness returns. She feels that for ppl who take
    the TF's and have good results...that they take them for life.

    Part of the confusion over TF names is that about 2005 the FDA here started
    closing TF labs because they were claiming to "cure" illnesses. At that time
    Chis. Lab took all of it's info off the internet. Luckily, I had their phone number
    so I could still order from them.

    A little history about how I came to take them. I was taking Kutapressin and B-12 injections (5,000 mcgs three times a week). That got me to the 20mins
    exercise place. But after the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, the US
    had a financial recession. The small company that sold a necessary product
    for the Kutapressin went out of business. So, no Kutapressin available. It took
    some years but it is now available as Nexavir.

    I was desperate to find something to replace the Kutapressin. Since Dr. Cheney
    had been using the Kutapressin in his protocol back in 1991 and then was
    using the TF's for a couple of years, I decided to try the TF's. I am so grateful
    to Prohealth for having the info and selling the TF's. I would never have
    found them without PHealth. PHealth used to sell a wide number of the TF's
    but stopped when the FDA was doing their crack down on TF's. Now they sell
    a couple of the ones that don't cover a wide range of pathogens.

    It's I said.

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    Went on the research library site here but was unable to find the article you mentioned when I do a search for Transfer Factor there. Do you have a URL ?

    Does Speciality products have a website ?

    So, now you take the TF #9 yet ? Do you also take a general TF along with it ?

    Also, have you had good results with Guai?

    The only things I am taking now are magnesium 500 mg a day, nattokinase 4000 FU a day and vitamin b12 tablets 1500 mg a day. Oh, also a SSRE ( antidepressant) called Stablon.

    Thank you for helping :)

    With love,
  9. deepak

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    Can you give me the number for chisolm ?
  10. deepak

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    I got the number , thanks anyways.

    Also, I got their latest information packet. One of their TF is a combination of most of their other TF's and sounds good. I have asked them to let me know if the potency is as strong as the individual TF's. Will get a reply soon and let you know too :)

  11. spacee

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    So glad you found the info yourself. I have been in the worst flare I have been
    in since the early years. Unable to sit at the computer. DH having to help me get up from lying down. Been thinking about you.

  12. deepak

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    So sorry to hear about your flareup spacee. Praying for it to go away soon.

    Once it goes away, which should be real soon :), then you write to me. Look forward to it.

  13. spacee

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    I am better. Went all day with out pain meds other than the Mobic that
    I take a noon.

    I put some info on another TF might find interesting!
    And read anything that Mikie writes, she has had success with a lot
    of things.

  14. deepak

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    Leah - Please jump in whenever you feel like it ! :) I read the link on the antiviral board that you gave re Mikies post- Thanks !

    Spacee - Glad to know you are better. I was unable to find the link which you mentioned regarding ryser's article on treating the chronically ill. In case you come across it can you send me the URL ?

    Why did the FDA swoop on TFs :( ......seems there were a wider variety available earlier from everyones chats here.

    I met someone on a yahoo group who said that her pain went away with 30-40 sessions of Hbot therapy - I wonder why I dont hear more people who have tried it.

  15. spacee

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    I don't know how to do url's. MIKIE??? I will try to find someone who can.

    The FDA did NOT like at all that the TF's were claiming to cure ppl. There
    used to be a site that actually published it's warning letter from the FDA to
    stop claiming that their TF's cured....but they kept right on. And they were

    A little more info. 4Life owns the patent for Transfer Factor and 'sells' the
    right to make Targeted TF's to other labs. Transfer factors were discovered
    in 1949. Because antibiotics were the "thing" back then, the tf's were not
    brought out for the market but were continued to be studied.

    It seems the reason Chis. Bio was not closed is that back in the 1970's or so,
    one of their researchers had a grant from the NIH to study the TF's. Seems
    the FDA didn't want to mess with a lab that at one time had NIH grant money.
  16. Mikie

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    The Guai treatment gets a bad rap when it comes to what you can and cannot do. You do not need to alter your diet except that Dr. St. Amand suggests that people with FMS do better on a low-carb diet. One food to avoid is mint, which is why one must find a toothpaste without mint flavoring.

    If anyone is considering the Guai protocol, it is an absolute necessity to read Dr. St. Amand's book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About FIBROMYALGIA." I had to read it several times. It is an excellent book whether or not one decides to do the treatment.

    What one must give up are any supps which contain botanicals because they contain salicylates (explained in the book). One may not take anything with aspirin (salicylic acid) in it. This blocks the Guai's effectiveness.

    Products which are rich in botanicals may block the Guai if they are absorbed through the skin. There are sal-free websites which list products which will not block the Guai. It sounds more overwhelming in the beginning than it is in practice.

    Different people have different tolerances to the sals so, until one knows how sensitive one is to them, it is necessary to completely eliminate them in the beginning. Most failures on the Guai protocol can be traced to hidden sals. However, like with everthing else, it doesn't work for everyone.

    Guai isn't risky for most people and it isn't expensive. I get mine here and I use the fast-acting (FA) type. I recommend that for beginners. One can always switch to the time-release form later. One of the most important things to do is to find just the right dose to start clearing FMS debris from the tender points without overdoing it, causing tender point flares. When the Guai starts clearing the debris, it pulls the debris, which is in crystaline form, from those tender points. It can feel like tiny fish hooks being dragged through soft tissue.

    The Guai is the only treatment which offers the possibility of reversing the symptoms of FMS. I have stopped taking my maintenance dose now that I'm on the peptide injections. I was on Morphine and bedridden most of the time when I started the Guai. Once it started to really work, I was able to get off the Morphine. This took about a year. The Guai protocol is a long-term treatment which requires commitment and patience. The longer one has been sick, the longer it takes to reverse.

    I believe the Guai works for additional reasons than those theorized by Dr. St. Amand. For me, the important thing is that it worked. I figured I had nothing to lose but the small cost of the Guai and the effort to make small adjustments to my personal-care items. Reversing the symptoms of my FMS allowed me to work on healing my CFIDS/ME which I was fairly successful in doing.

    I got well enough to work part time for a couple of years; however, when the Sjogren's showed up, I could no longer keep it up. A friend sent me an article about Venus Williams in which she said she no longer had the strength to even lift her tennis racquet. That is the level of fatigue which accompanies Sjogren's. But, I digress...

    There are no reliable scientific studies for the Guai treatment but thousands have been helped by it. I went up to a town in FL where people on the treatment had a doc and a specialist who helped them eliminate sals from their regimens. Everyone was getting better. As I said, failure usually can be traced to hidden sals.

    I hope this helps but the only way to understand the treatment, and the theory behind it, is to read and understand the book. Best of luck to anyone who decides to try it. My peptide injections should make it moot for me but I'm very glad I did it, and the other treatment protocols, along the journey to healing.

    Love, Mikie
  17. deepak

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    Many thanks Mikie for the generosity of spirit and time you show by helping us so much, with such detailed, mindful replies.

    I will be ordering the book and then the Guai and seeing how well it works for me.

    Lots of love,

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    Dear Spacee,

    Is it possible we can be in a chat room at a designated time so we can exchange emails if its ok with you ? :) I am in India so I am in your future !! So you tell me a time thats good for you and I will adjust it to my India time and try to be in the chat room too.

  19. spacee

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    Now only are you in my future!, but I sleep 12 hours at night. More like
    11pm EST - 11 am EST.

    (I haven't alway been like this but I don't make any 8am cortisol. So I sleep
    right thru morning).

    So, there is 12:15pm EST OR 10:30pm EST. Either of those times I could be
    in the Chat Room.

    Both say pm but the 12:15 is closer to morning...but you probably know that :)

    Will check back after supper to see if you have posted.

  20. deepak

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    Ok will come into chat at 10.30 est and hope to see you there. :)