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    has anyone tried transfer factor, how do you purchase it, and have they had any results from it?? thankyou!
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    Yes, there is a messageboard here for TF's BUT it is mainly there for information...very few people post there. You go to messageboards at the top, click on it, scroll down to the Transfer Factor Board and click and you are there.

    Prohealth is just beginning to sell it again. It was in their latest catalogue. They request that you call them to find out which TF is for which viruses. The FDA really hates to have the TF's advertised as to exactly what they do.

    The founder of Prohealth, Rich Carson, takes TF's. And I have taken them for about 5 years (I forget) except for the time I was on the Marshall Protocol.

    I have had excellent results to the point that I am able to exercise for 1 hour at a time. Before I could not get past 20 minutes. Right now I am exercising a total of 6 hours a week.

    I am at the level that I don't have to take them everyday. I usually take them for 1 week and off 1 week. This time I am into my 2nd week off. The longest I have gone off is 1 month with still feeling good...for me. Definitely not well, but much better than I was. My CFS is pretty severe and I think I would be in a wheelchair without them.

    I think that Prohealth's TF's are about $50 a bottle and one comes with 60 capsules.

    Chisholm's are $150 for 30 but they target more bugs. The more things targeted..the higher the price.

    AND there is the Transfer Factor Essentials that does not target anything specifically but is good if a person tends to catch a lot of colds or things like that. My sis was exposed to the flu the year she was taking it and didn't get it!