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  1. frostymocha

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    I have been taking Bovine Colustrum for a year now as suggested by the rheumitologist I was seeing before I was finally diagnosed with CFS / ME. I just recently saw messages from others in the UK that "Transfer Factor" is a fairly common supplement that folks take over there to treat viral-caused CFS.

    Do any folks on this message board take it? Do your Drs advise it? Anyone taking it that is taking Valtrex? I am asking because the Dr I am seeing that perscribed the Valtrex doesnt want me to mix other medicine with it although I am taking the general colustrum.

  2. Catseye

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    I don't know why a doctor would mind you taking transfer factor with a drug. It's an immune system booster. If he doesn't want you taking it, it sounds more like he's too lazy to try to learn anything about it rather than he's worried about some interaction.

    I didn't take much of it, but I'm probably going to try it again. Because recently, I found out my cat has feline leukemia and online pet people were using transfer factor. So I got some for her and she's been eating it for about two weeks now with her food. It has no taste to speak of, I tasted it myself, because she was already having problems eating and is extremely picky about what she'll eat. She was getting very skinny, whining a lot, having a crust and drool around her mouth, having bad breath, and just not keeping herself very clean.

    After a couple of weeks of this stuff, she's gaining weight, eating more, not having problems eating (she would freak out once in awhile when she bit something as if she had sores in her mouth or something), her breath is better, there's no more crust around her mouth and she's all clean and pretty. I'll stick a pic of her in profile. So I'm sold on this stuff. I'm also giving it to the other cat and a couple of kittens that some guy on a motorcycle threw in my friend's yard. They probably need it, too. Plus the leukemia virus is contagious.

    I'm keeping the kittens separated from the infected cat for now, but if I can't find a home for them, then they're going to be mine and I can't keep them all separate forever. That would be a prison. So everybody's on transfer factor right now, even the dog because he has allergies which cause his hair to not grow back after he gets groomed. But it's growing now.

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    we have a Transfer Factor Messageboard here. It has a lot of info but people don't post there much..usually post here cause they get more reponses. I am about the only one (for now) who reponds on the TF Board.

    Chisholm Bio ships to the UK. They recommend Transfer Factor #2 for CFS. It costs about $150 for 30 capsules plus shipping. You have to call them because of their need to get personal financial info from you 1-800-663-9618.

    It has helped me tremendously in exercising. But I am currently having other problems cause by an autoimmune problem that I was testing positive for years before I started on TF's. And I have pushed myself too far with cokes and a prescription pain med...and have run down my I am taking it easy now but still exercising in a gentle fashion.


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    Hey guys - just getting a reply from all of you makes my whole day - I am so new to all this and desperate for feedback and friends that understand. Great info. I am going to look these up. Dont know if I posted to this site or another but .... when I was diagnosed, they also found out I had real low IGG and IGA (whether this is a result of or cause of the viruses attacking me no one knows). I will ask my Dr who is a rhemitologist and see if he will talk to me about it. Hope he will talk to me about it.
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    Its for strep staph and e coli. I love it, no downside, just helpful. I will try others. I posted about this a few weeks ago and mentioned I have a few bottles I can't use of 2 and 5 as I need them without lactoferrin, so I had a special order made; and if you want email me using my moniker plus, anyway, I think they are very helpful. I was surprised.

    If you have low IgG and IgA you may be qualified for IVIG.
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    The rheumitologist recommended I take bovine colustrum but he was adament I not have IVIG - then Stanford also said they would not want to give it to me unless I was at the end of all other options because it can lessen the blood brain barrier and I have viruses so they dont want to make the ME worse.


    I am also going to talk with the neurologist I am now going to - since I have peripheral neuropathy and they are starting over with the tests to see If it is becuase of the viruses (shingles) or if it is in the de-myelating autoimmune family. Since those are cuased by the body actually attacking its nerve sheeth, I want to make sure I am not taking something to make this worse. So ............ I am armed with lots of questions for my Drs.

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