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    say I havent tried kutapressin nor transfer factor. I did try other cell signalling factors, bison but didnt tolerate so stopped trying.
    Where do you get yours and can you tell me more about your experience with them? I am interested in trying them.

    also :

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    Finally saw this. Yes, Fredt is correct. I get mine from Chisolm Biological Lab,LLC.

    1-803-663-9618 which is the best way to reach them. is another

    I take their #2 for CFS and #9 for Mycos.

    I have never been tested for mycos but I decided to try the #9 and it did help.

    They are pricey, I pay $150 (about) each for 30. I take 15 of each a month so it comes out at $150 a month. It's cheaper than not being able to walk.

    In the last two years, I have developed autoimmune antibodies which have put me on a downward path.

    I just read an article in a book that links retroviruses to CFS and Sjogrens (my autoimmune problem). Seems to fit my situation.

    I will try to reach you at yahoo. Later...tried that but could get it to work. Sorry
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    thx for the info
    sounds like you think its worth it