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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by BHopeful, Dec 3, 2004.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm very confused about transfer factors and how to take them and which ones to take. I was doing better for a couple of years, but recently had a relapse and am willing to give this a try. I've read all the past posts about TFs but am still unclear. Are there generic transfer factors to take (ones not targeted towards a specific pathogen).

    The fact that they've benn described as the oral equivilant to vaccines scares me (I think my relapse is from a bad reaction to Hep A vaccine). Does anyone know a good doc in NYC who works with TF therapy??

    Any info and experiences would be greatly appreciated. This board seems like a great resource. Thanks....
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    The info about TF's in the Store here, it is suggested that one get tested for pathogens. The problem is that most of the tests are not very accurate. This makes taking the TF's a bit of a crap shoot. I started out with colostrum to help build up my immune system; the TF's are made with colostrum. It really helped. I also took the undenatured whey.

    There is a TF Essentials which is like a souped up colostrum which generally boosts the immune system without targeting any specific pathogen.

    I decided to try the TF C and the TF 200 because they cover such a wide variety of pathogens. I had a big immune response to them, so I knew they were working. During the three months I took them, I Herxed five times. That is a big success. I just did my six-week pulse for three days and had a big Herx followed by a smaller Herx when I quit.

    The pathogens included in the eggs and colostrum which make up the TF's is too weakened to actually give us an illness, but they do cause the immune system to respond. They are like little oral vaccines, but I don't think they are the equivalent of regular vaccines. I use that analogy because it helps understand how they work.

    The original TF's were discovered by a doctor who was a graduate from the Harvard School of Medicine and highly respected. My own pain doc recommended TF's to me.

    Our immune systems are broken. One side is overactive and one side is underactive. The underactive side allows all kinds of chronic infections to thrive beneath the immune system's radar. TF's just train the immune system to recognize and kill these pathogens. The increase in Natural Killer Cells also helps kill pathogens which aren't targeted.

    I hope this helps. I will say that for me, this treatment was very difficult to tolerate and still is when I'm pulsing. That said, however, I really believe in it. After Herxing so much from the TF's, it is obvious that my body was full of pathogens even though I had been on antibiotics and antivirals prior to starting the TF's.

    BTW, I had the same reaction when I was on the Heparin treatment. It exposed pathogens which had been hiding in the fibrin in my blood and cause a big immune response.

    Love, Mikie