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    We have a transfer factor board but it doesn't get much traffic so thought I'd mention the TF's here.

    So many of our members are dealing with chronic stealth pathogens, especially Herpes-Family Viruses, such as EBV, CMV and HHV-6. I took Acyclovir, and Famvir and they were somewhat effective, but it wasn't until I took Transfer Factors that my chronic stealth viral infections went latent in my system. Herpes Viruses can die off but some never leave the body completely. They go latent and usually do not cause symptoms in that state.

    Transfer Factors are very, very potent and can cause a Herx-like reaction when there is a large dieoff of pathogens. That is why one must go slowly with them. I opened the capsules and put some powder under my tongue to start. The folks in customer service at the Store here can explain which TF's target which pathogens. Also, members can read about TF's in the library here or on the web.

    Chronic infections usually result in excess fibrin in the blood. These bunches of fibrin catch platelets and form areas where pathogens can hide out from our immune systems. It may take Heparin or Lovenox to get rid of this excess fibrin to clean up stealth pathogens. The HEMEX Lab site expains it further.

    We are Petri dishes of infection. It usually takes a comprehensive treatment plan, formulated between us and a knowledgable doc, to get our infections under control. Our immune systems are out of whack and these stealth pathogens operate beneath our immune systems' radar. Don't be surprised if your doc doesn't know about these treatment options. I had to print out papers from the experts in the field in order to get my doc to order some of these things. Transfer Factors do not require an Rx but one should always work with one's doc before trying anything new.

    I found the Transfer Factors to be the most effective part of my regimen and I hope they can help others here.

    Love, Mikie
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    This may help with Lyme, couldn't hurt... Tks.
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    Whether there is one targeted especially for Lyme but we usually have several infections. If we don't address them all, we cannot heal. I also believe we have to deal with the fibrin issue. Pathogens are very smart and, I believe, they affect our bodies in order to enhance their environment so they can thrive. Pathogens thrive in low-oxygen environments and the fibrin provides areas of low oxygen for the pathogens to hide behind. I had some of the strongest Herx-like reactions when I started my Heparin injections. I forgot to mention an alternative: Nattokinase is an enzyme which will help get rid of the fibrin and it cheap and sold OTC. I got mine here.

    Love, Mikie
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    A good number of years ago my ME, CFS specialist told me to go on Colostrum when I kept getting one virus after another. Literally I could be across a room from someone and come down with their virus. It had scant immunity that year. I took the Colostrum and it did such a good job that for the two years I was on it I never got a virus.

    Some with ME, CFS never get viruses and some seem to get them quite often. For the latter I too would recommend they try Transfer Factors.

    I will have to look into which Transfer Factors help with the Herpes family of viruses. I am currently battling them and am on Valtrex.

    Thanks Mikie for the information you posted on Transfer Factors.
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    There is a general TF which is heavy on colostrum and, I don't believe, it specifically targets any particular strain but I haven't checked them out recently. Colostrum, itself, is a very powerful immune system builder.

    Love, Mikie