Trauma or illness?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sissy123, May 31, 2003.

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    I get so confused sometimes on here. My symptoms all started after a severe accident, a broken back, but I see all kinds of people saying they think it could be a virus...My doctor seems to think it is something in the brain and in the spinal cord that, putting it simply, excites the central nervous system. All this olive leaf extract...all this supplements...are making me feel like we are getting nowhere. Mainly I get epidurals in my neck and trigger shots in the tender points and take a antidepressant, and pain meds, muscle relaxers...I have tried all the herbs and such and just wasted my money. I use the pain clinic here and have had much help there. I go to physical therapy, do meditation, relaxation, thia chi, bio-feedback and use a heat pad, and take a real hot shower or bath. That is how, after many, many years of trying I have learned to manage the pain of fibro. I feel all the use of these supplements and the such is a waste of time and it seems some are grasping at straws. I have been there. Maybe they work for some, but this herxing? And using something the doctor gives you for a cold? I am hoping that describing what works for me will inspire others to really get some help so they will find releif. I dont mean to be short, but I see so many suffering when there is help out there until we do have a proven medicine that will help us. Does anyone else feel the same? It just seems like some people who make these supplements are jumping on the wagon because there is no med for us and they know it. Just real concerned about those of you who are really trying to control this DD and may be taken advantage of by others wanting to make money and trying some quacks "theary" about detoxing...or whatever. I want to give all the advise I can since I am having more relief since I have been searching for it for so many years and have finally came to a comfortable place. Love Sis
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    Trauma, illness, viral, bacterial, hormonal, emotional, whatever. Many different pathways to the same problem, thus many different solutions.
    I actually know one person with Fibro who got completely well just by adding supplements to his diet. For others it does not help.
    I am glad you got help for your particular trigger of this problem. If we all had the same trigger, the mystery would have been solved long ago.
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    I have heard of someone who through only exercise healed herself. I have had cancer, appendix reptured, strep throat until my 30's and now have developed asthma and allergies, so I guess I still have a ways to go. This is so complex that even, maybe expecially, those of us who have it keeps us trying and guessing for an answer. It just gets so tiring constantly looking and going to doctors and meds and more questions. I guess Im just down because we must work so hard and be so desperate to find releif. And believe me those facet epidurals in my neck are no picnic. My arms stiffen up along with my chest muscles and I get 3 in a row. They are given in the spinal space. The triggers they just move the needle around until they find the right nerve, like a dentist, and give up to 8 at a time. Those are desperate measures to relieve pain. I just see so many searching and hoping and in so dire need of help and it breaks my heart. Even though I have found some pain relief I am still depressed about finding something concrete to help. I live my life to manage my fibro and cfs and chronic pain. I cant do this, I cant do that...I really hope this new drug I am hearing about comes out soon so we can try it. I hope it is not another attempt by someone to make money off of the desperate. But mine started with pain, then depression, cfs. I am exhuasted just dealing with it. And I see that in so many people on this site. I wish we could really find a cure. Right now I am not sure if there will be a cure because if it is physical, or viral, or emotional, will we ever find a cure for so many different symptoms? I am just down period. I have another epidiral the 5th and I am not looking forward to it. It is like taking yourself to get tortured. But I have tried herbs and supplements and its weird how it works for some and not for others. Do you think the cure or treatments will be the same? I mean different. Like ok you have these symptoms so you must take this approach...what doesnt work for you will work for someone else. I just dont see a cure in sight when this is so complex. Dont get me wrong, I still hold out hope, but it is so confusing. I am rambling now. I just need to vent. I hope you all understand. Love Sis